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Mobile Gaming Vs PC Gaming: Which Platform Is the Best Option?

Mobile Gaming Vs PC Gaming: Which Platform Is the Best Option?

In the global entertainment industry, video games have become one of the most important niches. Speaking about the most popular gaming platforms, these are Mobiles and PCs. Even though some players opt for console gaming, this platform is still growing. But as per the recent data, it can be said that mobile gaming has managed to establish a robust fan base. While there are around 3.3 billion gamers, the number of active mobile gamers is 2.2 billion, and it’s growing rapidly. Well, the statistics related to PC gaming are also quite impressive. With more than 1.85 billion PC gamers in the world, this gaming platform has also gained immense popularity. 

Undoubtedly, both these gaming platforms offer a huge selection of games to players, thanks to the technological advances in the gaming industry. But the question here is which one is the best, mobile or computer gaming. To come up with a perfect conclusion, we have compiled some pros of these platforms. Let’s have a look. 

Mobile Gaming Vs. PC Gaming

PC gaming, with time, has grown into a huge industry, providing gamers across the world with thousands of different cool games to choose from, covering different genres. As the PC hardware and technology are improving, the games are also getting better and better. In fact, some games feel so realistic that you will feel like the game’s characters are real humans.  

On the other hand, mobile gaming is a new phenomenon but with the introduction of powerful tablets and smartphones, mobile gaming has become a top choice for some gamers. In fact, nowadays, you can easily find smartphones designed specifically for gaming. 

Now, let’s talk about the pros of both these gaming platforms. 

Pros of Mobile Gaming

  • A Massive Selection of Games 

Talking about mobile gaming, there is something for all. Whether you love action, racing, puzzles or shooting games, you can easily find a game of your choice. For Android users, Google Play Store has more than 400,000 gaming apps and for iOS users, Apple App Store offers more than 450,000 games. The advanced cloud gaming technology has made it possible to play some mobile games without downloading them. Many PC game developers have also introduced mobile versions of their games, like Max Payne Mobile, GTA Vice City, PUBG Mobile, NFS, Call of Duty Mobile and more. All these games are optimized to offer an unmatched mobile gaming experience. Also, payment options like pay by mobile casino make gaming on the go much easier and comfortable. 

  • Mobile Gaming Technology is Improving Rapidly

Well-known smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, Asus, Nubia, etc., are introducing powerful smartphones with advanced hardware to meet today’s mobile gamers’ demand. These devices can easily handle graphic intense games and can offer hours of mobile gaming experience. The devices are now coming equipped with large screens, more storage limits, improved RAMs, mobile GPUs etc., to attract more mobile gamers. 

  • Low Cost

If you have a low budget and still wish to enjoy some cool games like PUBG or Fortnite, then mobile gaming will be an excellent platform for you. A gaming smartphone will cost you much lower than a gaming PC or laptop. Besides, you can also play a lot of free games. 

  • Easy to Use

Compared to PC games, mobile games are quite simple to play, thanks to their limited as well as simple user interface. Even if you are trying a mobile game for the first time, you will not face any issues in playing. 

Pros of PC Gaming

Before the popularity of mobile gaming and smartphone technology, during the 2000s, the gaming industry was dominated by PC gaming platforms. Well, based on the numbers, we can say that the popularity is still there. After all, there is something about PC gaming that you will not find in mobile gaming. The major reasons behind such popularity are better customizations, superior quality graphics, a way to experience an immersive gaming experience, and more. Some other impressive advantages of PC gaming are:

  • Better Performance and Graphics

The latest games and many AAA games on high-end systems can function smoothly at better FPS and higher resolutions, as these systems have advanced gaming hardware and software. In fact, using your graphics cards, you can also optimize games to have a better gameplay experience. Just imagine about playing a game on your PC with 100 FPS and 8K resolution. Sounds great, right? This is not possible with mobile gaming. 

  • PC Hardware Is Upgradable and Customizable

One of the best things about a PC is that you can customize or upgrade the hardware based on your budget and gaming requirements. In fact, every component of a PC is upgradable. For example, you can replace your old CPU with the latest one for more speed and processing power. Besides, you can also use RGB Fans, CPU Coolers, etc., to make your gaming rig look cool. 

  • Control Your Gameplay With Gaming Peripherals

Now, players can easily control the gameplay using various peripherals available for gaming. You don’t need to use those traditional mouse or keyboards anymore as there are cool gaming peripherals such as steering wheels, floor pedals, wireless controllers, joysticks and more that can change the way you used to play.

  • A Huge Game Library

Undoubtedly, the PC games library is diverse as well as vast. You can play a massive range of games, including indie games, PC-exclusive titles, racing games, RPGs, classic titles and more. Besides, on your PC, you can also play mobile games using Android emulators. 

  • Availability of Mods

Most PC games now support various mods developed by gaming communities. Using these mods, you can increase the graphics of old games, add new features, gameplay elements, etc., with a few simple clicks. 

Final Words: Which Platform Is The Best For You?

The choice between mobile gaming and PC gaming greatly depends on a player’s personal preference and gameplay style. However, if you wish to enjoy an immersive experience, and flexibility and value superior graphics, then PC gaming can be an excellent option for you. If you prefer to play on the go and like casual gaming sessions, then go for mobile gaming. This can also be an ideal option if you are focusing more on affordability. Just choose the right platform and enjoy your gaming time. 

Disclaimer: Content related to casinos is informative only. Gambling can lead to addiction and financial losses. Please play responsibly.

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