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NFL Secures Foothold in UK With 1.73 Million Tuning In for Super Bowl 58

NFL Secures Foothold in UK With 1.73 Million Tuning In for Super Bowl 58

NFL championship game posts views are up 48%, garnering over 3.4m unique views. 

With the massive number of fans, betting enthusiasts in the UK have a wide range of options to explore. Bettors have an opportunity to wager on whether a team will win by a certain margin or if they’ll cover the spread set by oddsmakers. The NFL has secured a foothold, planting its flag with a staggering 1.73 million people tuning in for the Super Bowl 58. 

The embracement of American football in the UK has boosted the NFL odds in betting platforms, with betting enthusiasts rushing to predict outcomes of NFL matchings or placing bets on individual performances. Super Bowl 58 has seen a surge in the number of bets in the UK alone compared to the quantity in 2020, rising by 74%. Checking the betting stats of the Super Bowl 58, the championship game garnered over 2.5 million users. 

A clash of titans between the league’s top contenders has captivated American audiences and ignited a fervour across the Atlantic. It has showcased the growing popularity of American football on British soil. 

As a way of expanding its international profile, NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodwell, has confirmed that there are plans of having a future Super Bowl in London. 


    While speaking to a fan in London to promote the game between the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens in the city, Goodwell highlighted that the move to have the NFL Super Bowl in the city is being considered. However, he still highlighted that it may not be happening soon. 

    Goodwell stated, “It’s not impossible, and it’s something that has been discussed before.” He further said, “I think that is not out of the question. But at the end of the day, I think right now, our formula will stay the same about playing [Super Bowls] in cities that have franchises.

    Super Bowl Schedule Set for the Next Three Years

      The schedule for the next three Super Bowls is already out and will be played in the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, and Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. It can be set outside the US from the 2027 edition onwards. 

      ITV and Sky Sports are the latest viewership for Super Bowl 58. The Kansas City Chiefs’ win against the San Francisco 49ers attracted over 123 million viewers on CBS’s coverage of the game, making it the most-watched television game in the US. Women’s views were up by 9%. The New York Post reported that around 58.8 million tuned in for the Super Bowl. 

      Henry Hodgson, NFL’s UK General Manager, said, “The viewership, combined with the social engagement through Super Bowl week, is a testament to the growth of the NFL in the UK, particularly among the youth demographic that we’ve targeted this season.

      From nail-biting plays to halftime extravaganzas to overtime winnings, Super Bowl 58 delivered an unforgettable experience, captivating hearts and minds far beyond the shores of the United States. 

      Earlier in the year, the NFL pinpointed that it has a casual fan base of 14.3 million in Ireland and the United Kingdom. There are plans to have a London franchise by maybe around 2025. 

      We could expect logistical problems if the Super Bowl is played in London. Time zones are different, and an evening kick-off might be the best way to ensure US viewers watch the game in the afternoon. 

      As part of the NFL’s international growth plan, the league is staging five regular-season games in Frankfurt, Germany, and London this season. 

      The surge in UK viewership is a reflection of a broader trend of American football in Europe. With the international regular-season games being hosted in Europe, British fans are already embracing the NFL sports with open arms. 

      A Clash of Titans in the UK

        On October 1, the London swing kicked off the game between Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons at Wembley Stadium. In a deal due to expire next year, the venue is set to host one game per season in London.

        As a partnership between Tottenham Hotspur and the NFL, Tottenham Hotspur stadium is the official home of the UK’s staged NFL games through the 2029–30 season. The games between the Jaguars and Buffalo Bills held last year on October 8th and the clash of Titans vs Baltimore Ravens on October 15th were held in the stadium. 

        As part of a deal running through 2025, NFL games in Germany set for Frankfurt Stadium saw the Miami Dolphins face the Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, on November 5th, 2023. The next match between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts will be played on November 12th

        Viewership in the United States is up by 7% from last year’s championship game, attracting over 2.2 million viewers on Univision. The high viewership has been attributed to the availability of out-of-home viewership counts, which also includes fans in bars, hotels, and airports. 

        Goodwell remarked that “The NFL’s success in the UK is a testament to the universal appeal of the sport.” So far, 33 NFL games have been staged in London, with the Jaguars set to play their 10th and 11th fixtures later this year. 

        As the NFL solidifies its foothold in the UK, analysts predict continued growth in viewership and engagement, with British fans eagerly anticipating future matchups and events. 

        Wrap Up

          It’s clear from the Super Bowl 58’s record-breaking viewership numbers the sport is only growing in popularity in the UK. The kingdom’s love affair with American football shows no signs of slowing down. So, as the confetti settles and champions are crowned, one question remains: Are you ready for some NFL, UK? You better be ready for it!

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