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Rafał Brzoska of InPost in Davos: Polish companies are conquering Europe!

The World Economic Forum in Davos is taking place in the shadow of the war in Ukraine. On Monday, leaders of dozens of countries, and owners and CEOs of major companies arrived in this small Swiss town. Poland is represented, among others, by President Andrzej Duda, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and InPost founder Rafał Brzoska, who for several days will be meeting with their counterparts from around the world. The aforementioned Polish businessman has been showing that Poland had surpassed Germany in many sectors. His InPost is present in many European countries, including the UK, where several thousand of the Polish company’s postal devices are already standing.

Polish position in Davos

The World Economic Forum in Davos is a place for unofficial meetings and official panel discussions. One of them, entitled “Why Poland”, gathered an exceptionally large audience, listening to the debate between the heads of the largest companies operating in Europe.

In addition to Rafał Brzoska of InPost, other panel speakers included Loic Tassel of Procter & Gamble, Mark Loughran of Honeywell, Krzysztof Krawczyk of CVC Capital Partners, and Jerzy Kwieciński of Pekao S.A.

The discussion touched upon many topics concerning Poland as well as Ukraine.

Rafał Brzoska stressed that we must win the war across Poland’s eastern border at all costs and with joint efforts. He also talked about the development of InPost, which is a leader in its field not only in Poland but also in Europe. Where similar non-domestic companies, such as Instabox in the Netherlands or the UPS-owned Parcel Motel in Ireland, failed to establish a successful market presence and give up, InPost is flourishing. In the UK, it is growing faster than in Poland five years ago, just like it does in France, proving to the world that Polish companies can grow better and faster globally than their Western competitors.

The position of Polish businessmen and politicians in Davos is clear. In their view, the war in Ukraine has shown European investors the fragility of supply chains. Therefore, for an investor from France or the UK, Poland is becoming a more attractive partner than many countries in the Far East, as has been stated by both the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Polish delegation representatives, as well as the aforementioned Rafał Brzoska of InPost.

Who is Brzoska?

Rafał Brzoska is the originator, creator, and CEO of Integer Capital Group, a leading e-commerce delivery platform. He also founded InPost, the Group’s flagship company, which has revolutionized the parcel delivery market in Poland.

The first parcel lockers appeared in Cracow in 2009 and quickly became a characteristic feature of Polish cities. Today, the network of Paczkomat® InPost devices offers the largest and most accessible automated parcel collection and delivery infrastructure in Europe, totaling more than 24,000 modern units, 18,500 of which operate in Poland. InPost services are now also available to customers in the UK and Italy.

InPost’s acquisition of the French logistics giant Mondial Relay for €513 million in July 2021 was the largest Polish private foreign investment. It allowed the InPost Group to enter the markets of France, the Iberian Peninsula, and Benelux. The company’s listing on the EURONEXT Amsterdam stock exchange was the largest debut of a European technology company in the history of the continent.

The growth of InPost in the UK

“Our devices are gaining popularity in European markets. Customers appreciate them for their safety and eco-friendliness, as well as the speed of parcel collection, which takes just a few seconds. Our main goal in the UK is to develop our network of machines, although we already have more units in London, Manchester, and Birmingham than Royal Mail outlets available. We are helped by our partners, who see tangible benefits in integrating our devices into their infrastructure. InPost’s experience is valued by e-commerce companies, both major players and retailers, who can offer customers an innovative delivery method,” says Rafał Brzoska, founder, and CEO of InPost.

Last July, InPost announced that it had erected its 4,000th parcel locker (Paczkomat®) in the UK.

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