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Review of Strictly Ballroom at the Bradford Alhambra

Strictly Ballroom, the musical based on the 1992 film by Baz Luhrmann, has arrived in Bradford. On opening night, the Alhambra was packed with people of all ages, sizes, and demographics there to take part in the show’s two and a half hours of lively, colorful enjoyment.

Scott Hastings, a disillusioned young male ballroom dancer, is the protagonist of this classic film. And he will definitely be bringing his own dance moves to the party. That gets Scott contacted by a young female newbie who wants to join up and do the same, which is met with strong condemnation by the rest of the group. They bond over more than just dance after they finally find their groove together.

Ballroom dancing only Ms. Faye Brookes

The eyes and teeth, dancing, and vibrant colors begin the moment the curtain rises. The amazing ensemble kept the audience on the edge of their seats and motivated to shake their booties.

Extremely impressive dance

The ordinary Jane who hasn’t been dancing long enough to be deemed Hastings’ partner is Faye Brookes, making her debut in the performance tonight as Fran. Like I said, I’ve seen her in a couple musicals, including Chicago, and she’s always been a standout in the lead role.

There are also many other well-known actors in the cast. Gary Davis’s performance as Barry Fife was hilarious; picture a cross between Donald Trump and Benny Hill. Tonight’s performances by Edwin Ray as a fill-in for Ken and Kieran Cooper as Wayne were both excellent.

Stills from the Strictly Ballroom Movie Set

“cheesy glitz and glamour with a neon glow”

The costumes are also spot on for this play. The women’s sequin- and feather-adorned costumes were a perfect complement to the intentionally ugly, poorly constructed, and horrifically fitted wigs worn by several of the actors. It took some time for me to adjust to wearing wigs. However, I eventually realized that these were necessary in order to maintain the show’s integrity as a faithful adaptation of the film.

And the stage is minimal, with just enough lighting to bring off the show’s glitz and glamour.

The show is lighthearted and enjoyable. One that verges on cheese and silliness, but does it on purpose. Look no further for your fix of dance, smiles, laughter, and hilarity. That’s exactly what you get from Strictly Ballroom.

Stills from the Strictly Ballroom Movie Set

“It was quite a show”

In addition, there is a touching moment in the second act that serves as a reminder that this is a romantic comedy; Scott and Fran perform “Beautiful Surprise” with such finesse and sensitivity that they justifiably receive one of the night’s longest ovations.

The show ends with everyone in the cast dancing to “Love Is in the Air.” Sending the crowd home on a high note like that is guaranteed.

My initial reaction to Strictly Ballroom was ambivalent. But as I walked out of the Alhambra with the final song still playing in my head, I realized that I had enjoyed the show and had a great time. The stage was jam-packed with exciting performances. And I am pleased to tell that I have witnessed this performance.

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