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Roles Of Mathematics In Courses That Do Not Seem Need Them

Roles Of Mathematics In Courses That Do Not Seem Need Them

Math will always be in the curriculum no matter what as this will always be seen everywhere, every move that you make can be calculated accordingly. But come to think of it, not all courses seem to have something that makes math significantly valuable, as these courses present jobs and also teach ideas and lessons that might not seem to have any relation to mathematics or even numbers at all. This article will focus on making you realize that mathematics is a major subject for a reason. This will also give real life examples that will make things clearer for you in terms of the subject and why it is everywhere.

Mathematics For Everyone

This subject is one of the things that most children are having difficulties with when they are studying because as they progress through the years of education. Some struggle because there are many complicated equations from the four horsemen of the apocalypse which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These are the foundations that everyone needs as equations become much more complex that there are symbols and letters added which are commonly the letter “x”. This is why some students choose courses that they think require a low level of skills when it comes to this particular subject. It is impossible to not encounter this subject and here is an example of a course that doesn’t seem to have mathematics. 

Fine Arts Meets Math

Fine arts students are known to be those learners that are focused on paintings, there are many connotations about how mathematics is still integrated in the curriculum. Many are even taking up Fine arts because they’re scared of numbers but then they realize that there is still one in the field. The articles that I have selected will explain how these connotations should be answered correctly and also, why it is still included in the learning process even though there are no perceived computations at first glance when doing the art itself. There can also be articles that were about famous art styles and artworks that noticeably have an element of mathematics in them. All of these will be tackled along the way and should answer the struggles and give a new perspective on the relationship between art and math.

First, there are commotions about why art courses still have math subjects and an article will answer these problems with a definite solution on how it should be perceived. The art inside the university is evident even in other courses but there is a subject called math in fine arts that is seemingly confusing because in a shallow sense of thinking there shouldn’t be a math subject or a separate course that is solely for art. Allain said that there is this specific relationship that both art and math have, and they cannot be separated because there are also elements in art that can be considered as important in math, therefore The answer to the question that does artists need math, the definite answer will be yes, and there are other supporting articles that will make this statement of Allain much more reliable.

There are also studies wherein this tackled all mediums of fine arts. This also included the medium of painting, and the others were dances or activities that are related to art itself. It was further explained in the study how math works in art in a much more detailed way, which is much more focused on the medium of painting as it is the focus of this essay. Shapes and lines are the bread and butter of the essence of math in art, they bring a much more symmetry or a much more realistic view of the art itself. The examples that can be given are the three-dimensional paintings that look so real, it’s like a picture pasted on the canvas itself. This was helped by grids and lines that give a much more accurate take on the proportions of the subject that they are looking at and give life to the artwork itself. There are also interviews conducted by Rohini, and the interviewees are professionals who have been in the industry of arts for an amount of time that they can be considered masters of the medium itself. One interviewee expresses their sentiments on the situation. There are certain techniques and also art forms that have math in them, but it’s not just perceived by the naked eye only as some of them are just guides that can result in a much more accurate picture of the subject, there are techniques that need grids, as what was said by Rohini. There can also be times when the situation is vice versa as what was said that art can also be applied in mathematics hence, Brezovnik experimented on ways to prove that art can make mathematics easy in a way that it sparks the ability to be more attentive to the subject which results to improved concentration. At the end of his experiment, the control group was tested with mathematics that was influenced by elements of art. It turns out that there is a difference because the participants had much more enthusiasm for the subject, which made them imagine things and, hence, think more critically but creatively in such a way that they could freely understand the steps and also enjoy the subject.

Lastly, there are examples wherein math is applied and can be seen and it was shared by Hurd and Alcocer, their articles showed the application of math itself. The golden ratio gave a big deal to the art itself and the example artwork that can be given is the artwork of Blankenship and Ashlock which is the Fractals. This is an artwork that focuses on repetitive patterns or angles that were inspired by the golden ratio as it follows the said pattern of A and B / distances C and D. Some shells give the feel of the pattern itself and are considered natural art.

Overall, the questions at the beginning of the enlightenment of all the struggles or problems that were said by fine arts students should be answered now. All the essence of the importance of math itself to any course, especially fine arts was delivered. This must serve as a summary of all the significance of the subject and can be used as a reference to know to understand further, whether any medium as what Rohini and other articles presented.


There will always be mathematics in every aspect of people’s lives even those celebrity chefs from, even have their ways to incorporate math in their profession. Also with the example above which is fine arts, you can see how wide the scope of math is. Yes, not everyone has the same skills to comprehend math equations. If this happens then everyone should be able to be like Einstein and everyone will become a famous scientist. The only point that can be made here is that try to learn and never give up, knowing the basics will always be the best and will help you understand the subject more. 

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