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Simon Willis, a former producer for Radio 1, received tributes

Simon Willis

Former and friends from Simon Willis have been paying tribute to him since the the news of his death.

A former BBC Radio 1 Producer, who was also the Head of Content for Wisebudah and worked on a number of national programs, including that of the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and Simon Mayo’s morning show.

He also did Mark & Lard, the Official Top 40 and was part of the Radio 1 Playlist Committee.

Prior to making the move to London to join Radio 1, Simon was the Programme Controller and Morning Presenter for Plymouth Sound in the early 1990s. He also went to in the University of Plymouth.

Jo Whiley Jo Whiley Simon was her third husband she has lost in her marriage to partner Steve: “We woke to the news that we had lost our dear Willy or Simon Willis and that our family is devastated.

“You can say that we had three people in our wedding. It was the perfect recipe. Me. The man I married, Steve along with Willy. My Doctor Who husband, we were both musical theatre lovers with a lot of passion, and together we were radio geeks to the max. Steve as well as Willy were similar to Morecambe and Wise but I wasn’t certain of which.

“I believe the two were Eric. Their love for one another was obvious for everyone to see. I’ve not seen two friends have fun together as much as they did. Willy was Godfather to all of our children, and they completely and totally loved him.

“We were fortunate to share many wonderful moments with him through our lives and also during the last few weeks and months when his health was declining. He was celebrating his 30th/40th and 50th birthdays at our house and we had a colossal amount of entertainment. I’ve never meet anyone who knew Nik Kershaw’s back catalog like Willy.

“Willy was only a one-off. The most hilarious man you’ll meet, and everyone who met his story will be able to tell their personal tale to tell about the ‘What Willy did’. …’

“Godammit Willy… What are we going to be able to do without your help? ?”

The brother of Simon, Mark has shared this tragic news on social media.

Mark Goodier wrote: “Simon was the head of content for Wisebuddah for five years. It is hard to find an even more generous, humorous and innovative entertainment expert.”

Simon Mayo has also paid tribute: “Simon produced my Radio 1 morning show for many years. He was an amazing talented, charismatic, and extravagant producer. It’s a sad and tragic loss.”

Former coworker Trevor Dann said: “Lovely man. It’s a shame. A large portion of 90s was the re-forming in R1.”

Simon was ill over the past few years, fighting cancer.

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