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Microgaming introduced the first online casino in 1994, marking a long-standing career as an innovator and pioneer. Since then, it now boasts a wide array of progressive jackpot options in addition to table games, branded slots, Bingo, and Live Casinos; Microgaming caters to a wide variety of players.

If you are looking to quench your curiosity and perhaps start your Microgaming slot career, this is precisely where you should be.

In this guide, we will cover everything from what Microgaming is all about, including the available slot games, prizes on offer, as well as how you can grab yourself a life-changing chunk of the ever-increasing progressive slot jackpot prize money.

‌Microgaming‌ ‌Slot Games:

Microgaming casinos have, over the last few decades, entertained numerous punters across the globe.  The Microgaming developer founded the functionality on consistency and originality.  This realm of gaming has consistently established a vast catalog featuring over 800 games since its establishment.

Furthermore, its famous jackpot network has dispatched over ‌‌€1 Billion‌ , and it is for this particular reason that progressive jackpot slots such as Fruit Fiesta and Mega Moolah continue enticing and entertaining players around the world.

Furthermore, with dual optimization for mobile and desktop players and continually releasing new games, Microgaming is an excellent choice for every punter. With their vast content portfolio, including table games, slot machines, among others, it is a dream for every punter looking to enjoy the thrill and excitement these games offer.

What are the Best Micro gaming Slots?

One of the best ways to identify a suitable Microgaming slot is checking their legality and constant adaptation to suit the evolving punter. In essence, in a drive towards customer satisfaction, the best micro-gaming casino sites continually level up to provide secure, fun, fast, and user-friendly platforms. The best Microgaming slot casinos are always up-to-date with their rising popularity amongst gamblers.

Therefore, it is not surprising that besides Microgaming being a founding eCOGRA member, it also works together with UKGC and MGA to establish quality standards for responsible and fair gambling.  But, despite all the extraordinary measures, what are the best micro-gaming slot games for you in 2021?

The ideal micro-gaming slot game will solely be based on your preference or liking as a gambler. You may be interested in scoring one of the significant micro-gaming jackpots with excellent give-away prizes or go for the exhilarating experience created by branded slots, movies, or engaging after-shows.

Micro-gaming slots allow for a 96% RTP, i.e., return to the player of your initial investment. Therefore, regardless of your slot prowess, micro-gaming slots will ensure your investments are safe and secure while at the same time offering an exhilarating and indulging experience.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are arguably among the most cut-across sectors in the micro-gaming casino industry, offering several fantastic slots.  Examples of progressive jackpot slots found in micro-gaming casino sites are Mega Moolah, Absolutely Mad, Fruit Fiesta, Avalon, Thunderstruck, etc.

Despite the remarkable number of billionaires worldwide, such an amount of money remains an awe-striking dream for many.

Progressive jackpots have continually and ‘handsomely’ rewarded consistent gamblers. Precisely, since 1998, progressive jackpot slots have given away over 13 billion euros, an average of 11,000 wins daily. What’s more, with the introduction of the ‘WowPot jackpot,’ progressive micro-gaming jackpots have established a clear message that every moment is about progress.

  • Branded Slots

Micro-gaming has diversified its list for branded slots by including mind-blowing themes and graphics which display when you win. Some of the themes and graphics in branded slots are simulations or scenes from famous movies, which offer you an opportunity to sink into the celebratory mode when you win.

The background sound effects in branded micro-gaming slots light up the moment and reconfigure your mind making you feel like you’re in the actual movie.

With a broad scope of graphics and themed intrigues such as adventures, thrillers, and medieval political settings, branded micro-gaming slots create an appealing environment, effectively rendering your gaming memorable and worthwhile.

Examples of branded micro-gaming slots are those based on the thriller series ‘game of thrones, the adventurous ‘Jurassic park,’ and one of the most common characters Lara Croft features in the series Tomb raider.’

Biggest Slot Winners in Microgaming

Perhaps the most outstanding Microgaming feature is the extensive progressive jackpots network-on slots, Live Casinos, and even table games. Since its introduction, Microgaming casinos are now responsible for close to 20 multi-millionaires from the everyday player.

The Mega Moolah slot (www.mega‌) established the first-ever millionaire in 2013 through their innovative mobile slots. Two years later, Mega Moolah broke the world record payout for a spin with a staggering €17.8 million jackpot, which the winner bagged on a 25 p spin, a feat Mega Moolah broke again with a great payout of €18.9 million.

As is evident, this particular slot game is responsible for radically transforming the lives of multiple players. Better yet, while Mega Moolah is famed for paying out the biggest slot jackpot in Microgaming to date, and you can even check out the reviews here, it’s surprisingly isn’t your only game choice.

Essentially, Microgaming online progressive slots have much more prize money to offer. In fact, the current progressive jackpot network is collectively more than €19 million.


Microgaming is a diverse and entertaining option for any punter looking to try out their luck and possibly win a life-changing payout. Nonetheless, while there are multiple options to make your pick from, whatever your preferred slot options, the winning formula is ‘simple’-one shot of extreme luck-an an unexpected alignment of the slot reels-to transforms your life completely!

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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