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The Power of Live Game Streaming- A Reputable Source of Income

The Power of Live Game Streaming- A Reputable Source of Income

You must have heard the news that some famous game streamers are now earning decent money by live-streaming their gameplay. Is it really possible? You can make live game streaming a full-time job to earn money? Well, the answer is “Yes”.  The rise of various game streaming platforms such as YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming and Twitch has greatly transformed the landscape of gaming, providing gamers with a platform that they can use to showcase their gaming skills and make money. 

On Twitch, big game streamers can earn around £ 2,500 to £ 4,500 per month. On the other hand, new or small game streamers with 100 viewers can make £ 50 to £ 1,500 per month. Well, that’s not bad at all. Twitch has now more than 24,500,000 streamers and more than 28 million users use this platform regularly. If you can put it in the work, you can make a lot of money. But how? Keep reading to get your answers.

Understanding Live Game Streaming

As the term suggests, it is the process of broadcasting or streaming your live gameplay online, allowing your viewers to watch as well as engage with you in real-time. Game streamers can showcase their gaming skills, share their experiences, interact with their audience or offer educational content, fostering a sense of connection. 

Gamers are utilizing platforms like Twitch, GeForce Now, DLive, Facebook Gaming and more to stream their gameplay. These platforms come equipped with unique features and a massive user base. Besides, they also offer required tools to help gamers stream the gameplay and interact with viewers.

 While casual games stream occasionally, professional games stream full-time, generating money through donations, subscriptions and advertisements. Some gamers concentrate on certain genres and games while others cover a huge range of content, like game reviews, speed runs, game tutorials and more. 

Is Live Game Streaming a Good or Reputed Career Option?

Looking at the current scenario, it can be said that the game streaming industry can be a decent career option if you love playing games, being flexible and like entertaining and interacting with others. As per some reports, the top 100 streamers on Twitch make more than £ 30,000 every month through donations and ads. Besides, they also have a huge follower base across different social media platforms. Don’t think you will start earning money instantly using the streaming platforms. It will take time. However, speaking about the bright side, you can earn a decent salary through this. Sounds interesting, right? If you planning to get into this, then have a look at the below-listed points that will give an idea about how you can earn money through live game streaming. 

Ways to Make Money as a Live Game Streamer

  • Go For Pay Per View Streams

An easy way to earn money from game streaming is by hosting PPV or Pay Per View streams. Here, viewers will have to pay a certain amount to watch your full stream. These streams can be a great option if you are streaming exclusive content, like masterclasses, workshops or tutorials. With this, you don’t need to process the sale manually while monetizing your content with PPV streams. This can also be a good option for viewers who don’t want to see the entire content and wish to watch their desired streams.

  • Stream Different Sponsorship Ads

Many game streamers are now making money by streaming gameplay through various sponsorship ads. This is an excellent way for gamers as they create brand partnerships. If you have a good number of followers, some brands may offer you early access to their new games. You can then showcase the game and draw large viewers you can monetize. You can also host sponsored events and challenges.

  • Try Offering Courses

Based on the content types you are creating; you can offer different courses to new gamers. Some streamers create multiple digital products like courses that one can access only after making the payments. For example, you can share your tips to become a successful streamer and can cover topics like configuring a perfect streaming studio, buying the right equipment, etc., Besides, you can also start providing new gamers with courses focusing on walkthroughs, gaming strategies and new gaming techniques.  Understand your skills and use them properly. 

  • Request Donations or Tips from Online Viewers

If you want to ensure that your career in live game streaming is moving in the right direction, then wait until you get your first tip or donation. We can say that this can be the most satisfying feeling for you as your viewers appreciate your work. Using third-party plugins, you can create a donation button for your streaming channel. If you get donations from viewers, don’t forget to give them a shoutout. Your appreciation can encourage them to donate more. 

  • Subscriptions- A Regular Source of Income

On some streaming platforms, if viewers love your gaming videos, they may prefer to subscribe to your channel, offering your regular payments. However, if you have decided to add a subscription button, then ensure that you are creating exclusive content and your content is exciting. You can earn around £ 2 per person in a month but if you have a huge viewer base, then the earnings can be impressive. 

  • Participate In Affiliate Marketing 

Opting for an affiliate program is an excellent way to earn a decent commission every time a viewer clicks on the affiliate link posted by you and buys products. You don’t also need to post a link every time, as you can also mention a coupon code or promo code using which viewers can buy the products you are promoting. Once you join a program, the brand will offer you the code. The more your viewers buy, the more commission you will receive. It is advisable to choose a brand that offers products you use and are related to gaming. Begin with small or up-and-coming brands, and gradually expand your reach.

  • Sell Products or Merchandise

After creating a small, loyal viewer base, you can try to set up your own online store and sell custom merch through your streaming channel. You can sell your own mugs, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc., based on the types of videos you make. Don’t forget to wear your merchandise while streaming and let your viewers know from where and how they can buy it. Mention the links.

  • Make Multiple Channels

You can also earn money by creating multiple channels, covering various interests. You can run those channels simultaneously. With this, you can easily reach specific viewers, earn more money and keep every channel organized. You will have to spend more time creating more content, but remember that you are getting money from different sources. 

  • Go For Additional Topics

As a streamer, you can make money not just through videos, but also by covering other things. For instance, if possible, you can create blog posts and add affiliate links so that readers can check out the products. You can also make pre-recorded videos and offer your paid subscribers exclusive access as a reward for supporting you. 

  • Podcasting

Even though you are earning money through video streaming, you can also give podcasting a try. Create podcasts focusing on gaming interviews, discussion, strategies and tips. Monetize your podcasts through listener contributions, ad revenue and sponsorships. 

Things You Need to Get Started with This

We would say getting started with live game streaming and earning money is quite easy as this process doesn’t require you to invest in a lot of tools or equipment. Have you ever placed a bet on Cheltenham Festival? You don’t need anything special for this. But the most important thing to consider here is that you should choose a reliable betting platform for this. The same goes for live game streaming. The first and most important task here is to find a trusted and popular streaming platform. Some great options for you are YouTube Gaming, Twitch, DLive, Facebook Gaming, Bigo Live, Nvidia GeForce Now and Antstream Arcade. 

Once you are done with choosing a streaming platform, there are some other factors you need to consider.

You can begin your live game streaming journey using a phone or gaming console. However, for better streaming quality, you should use a desktop or gaming laptop. Then get a professional camera and microphone so that you can interact with your viewers. Lack of interaction can make you lose viewers. Besides, you will also need a good internet connection and proper lighting. 

Speaking about the streaming cost, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this. You just need to spend on getting the required equipment and pay subscription fees for streaming platforms. 

Closing Thoughts

Live game streaming has provided many gamers with a chance to earn huge profits. By creating a community and trying out all the methods like donations, brand collaboration, subscriptions and more, you can easily turn your skills and passion for gaming into an impressive source of income or a rewarding livelihood. The gaming industry is evolving and this, in turn, will create more opportunities for gamers in the future. Just try your best to increase your viewers. Once you create a solid viewer base, nothing can stop you from earning money. Stay motivated and be patient. It may take time but you will enjoy fruitful results. 

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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