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Three Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Your Phone

Three Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Your Phone

Smartphones have become a normal part of everyday life, with almost everyone all over the world now carrying one around at all times. As technology has improved, our phones have become smarter than ever, and the things we can do with them would shock someone from just two decades ago. The number of features of a smartphone has grown each year, and apps have allowed our phones to do just about anything.

Every day, new apps are created that really push the boundaries of what our smartphones are capable of. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the most interesting ways you can use your smartphone thanks to the latest apps available.

Watch and Bet on Live Sports

Sports are huge in the UK, with millions of fans tuning into their favourite sports every week. Football remains the most popular sport in the country, although rugby, cricket and tennis also attract huge crowds. What many sports fans might not realise is that they can use their smartphones to watch and bet on all of the latest games.

Mobile sports betting is growing fast in the UK, with more people turning to sports betting apps when the big game is on. Not only can you sign up and place bets, but most of these apps also feature live streams of major sporting events too. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to watch from your phone, and betting can help make sports more exciting too.

Turn Your Phone into a Remote

Of course, if you prefer to watch sports on the TV, you can use your phone for that too! Many smartphones now come with a built-in feature which can be turned on from the settings menu. This will allow you to control your TV using your phone, removing the need for your standard remote control.

If your smartphone doesn’t have this setting, you can still find third-party apps available to download on your mobile device, giving you full access to your TV’s control from your phone. Now you can catch up with all your favourite shows and easily change the channel or the volume, even if you lose your remote.

Metal Detection

Metal detecting can be a fun hobby where you try and find buried treasure and forgotten relics, although in most cases, you’ll be lucky to find some pennies or old coke cans. Interestingly, you can also turn your phone into a metal detector. Our smartphones contain a magnetometer which is used to give you better location services.

By installing a metal detection app on your phone, you can utilise this magnetometer to notify you when you’re near something metal. The range isn’t great, so it’s better suited for finding earrings or rings that you’ve dropped in your home rather than ancient coins buried outside.

Take Measurements

Your phone can be used in many different ways, including taking measurements. iPhones have an in-built Measure app, which uses your camera and augmented reality to show you  the exact measurement of anything. You simply need to line up the item you’re measuring and then hit the button to begin.

Android users can also measure anything they like, although they’ll need to download a third-party app to do so. Samsung phones do also have a quick-measure app which is preloaded onto the phone, giving you a quick and simple way to measure anything without needing to find your tape measure or ruler.

Scan Documents

Gone are the days when you need an expensive scanner to scan and upload documents. If you need to preserve a paper document or send it by email, it’s now incredibly easy, thanks to our smartphones. All you need to do is download a scanner app, which uses your phone’s camera. It takes a clear and precise picture of the document and can be cropped to remove the background.

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