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Three Underrated UK Areas to Buy Property 

Three Underrated UK Areas to Buy Property 

This year the UK housing market has been in a period of stagnation. Yet this has been an overall viewpoint and not true of all areas. In some areas, the property market remains hot. As the larger cities such as Manchester and London stay pricey, other areas are becoming more affordable and offer a mix of both town and country living. Below, we discuss three underrated UK areas to buy property.  


Bradford is a real hidden gem nestled in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It has been awarded the capital of culture for 2025, so is soon to become a vibrant hotbed of arts and creativity. However, there are a few factors that have also made it a great place to invest in property.  

Firstly, it is still a very affordable area to live in. It is predicted that prices in Yorkshire and the Humber will have grown by around 20% by 2028. In addition, its buoyant job market and proximity to the hub of Leeds has seen high rental yields. Both of these are perfect for those wanting a family home or anyone who is looking to invest.  

If you have a place there and are wondering “How do I sell my house in Bradford?” there has also never been a better time to do it. Cash-buying companies can have the deal organized within as little as seven days and provide a guaranteed sale. This can free you up, allowing you to invest in a new area or other properties that may produce a higher yield or appreciation in the future.  


Look at any write-up about Teesside and you will likely see the clickbait headlines first of all. These involve high crime rates, unemployment, and some of the lowest house prices in the country. What these don’t tell you is that despite its industrial past, Teesside has a prominent position encapsulating the North Yorkshire countryside, County Durham, and some of the most beautiful coastlines in the country. 

Venture outside of the town centers and leafy suburbs border vast woodland and moor. The average house price here is just under £140,000 and prices have moved very little over the past few years. This means that even higher-end properties, such as farmhouses and cottages bordering the moors, are still eye-wateringly good bargains.  

Many of its coastal towns are also getting snapped up by investors from elsewhere. The beautiful Victorian seaside town of Saltburn will steal your heart, and just a short trip down the coast brings you to picturesque fishing villages like Staithes.  


Burnley is a typically Lancashire town, built on the back of industry. Now it is fairly quiet and unless you lived there, you may not have much reason to visit. However, Burnley is hiding one little secret in the form of some of the highest rental yields in the country. Along with Sunderland and Aberdeen, it has a yield of around 8.00% per annum. While the average monthly rent is around £566, a property can be bought for around the £90,000 mark or even lower if you are willing to renovate.  

All of these places will change and the secret won’t be kept for long, so move fast. Decide on what you want from a house in terms of living or investment status and start your journey. You may just find your new favorite place.  

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