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Tips for choosing an ideal beds Cyprus for your bedroom

beds cyprus

1. Size:

Before purchasing a desired bed model for your bedroom, one should figure out what size is needed. Properly selected beds Cyprus may depend both on your bedroom size and personal preferences.

2. Construction:

The design of the bed can vary from simple to more complex, depending on your wishes and individual taste. There are many different options such as beds Cyprus with storage drawers or with headboards (which tend to look more elegant and add extra character to the bedroom design), with legs (these models create a feeling of spaciousness in the room), and loft beds, which free up space for a desk or a wardrobe.

3. Material:

Materials can be more durable like metal or wood, while others like fabric and leather add a touch of softness to the design of the bed.

4. Durability:

You need to make sure that the bed you choose is sturdy and durable. Check the construction before making a purchase to make sure it is solid and stable.

5. Style:

Your bed should undoubtedly match the interior style. If you prefer a minimalistic style, a bed with excessive decorative elements will not be a suitable choice. In contrast, if you want your bedroom to become cosier, you can choose a model with a warmer and softer design.

Classic double bed

The classic double bed is the most common and popular design. There are several factors that should be taken into account when choosing an ideal option:

1. Size: Typically, classic double beds Cyprus are available in sizes ranging from 140 to 200 cm in width. When choosing the size, consider all possible factors – the planned number of sleepers, the size of the bedroom and personal preferences for the sleeping space.

2. Construction: Choose a bed with a high-quality mattress and a comfortable pillow for the most luxurious sleep. You can opt for a model with a platform protruding to the sides or a simple frame without any additional elements. Keep in mind that comfort is the key to a good night’s sleep.

3. Material: The choice of the material is a crucial factor in the selection of classic double beds Cyprus, which influences both the quality and the style of each bed model. Natural materials like wood are the best option for individuals looking for a durable and elegant bed.

4. Durability: The bed should be sturdy and stable so that you do not face any problems while using it. Test the construction before you place your purchase and make sure it is solid.

5. Style and colour: Consider getting a bed with a design that matches the style and colour palette of your bedroom, as the bed should be the main decorative detail in the room.

6. Price: The price depends on the material, construction and design. You should not spare money on quality but also avoid overpaying for additional elements that will not make a difference to your comfort.

Single adult bed

A single bed for adults should be comfortable and convenient for sleeping.


Usually, single beds are 80-120 cm wide, but for an adult it is better to choose a width of at least 90 cm or more (preferably 100-120 cm). If you have problems with the health of your spine, then consider beds Cyprus with orthopaedic effect or a smooth elevation.


Choose a material that is not only visually appealing but also practical. Commonly used materials include wood, MDF and metal.


Maximum durability and quality should be a priority so that you can enjoy your bed for many years to come.


A single bed usually fits perfectly into the interior of any bedroom. 

A child’s bed

The size should correspond to the age of the child and the size of the room. The most popular size for a child’s bed is 90×200 cm.


For small children, it is required to choose beds Cyprus with additional safety elements, such as sideboards. For older children, you can opt for a more complex and functional bed design. For older children, you can choose a more complex and functional design, like a loft-bed, which frees up extra space in the room.


Choose only environmentally friendly materials, particularly for younger children. Wood, MDF and plywood would be good options. Inspect the construction before making a purchase.


The bed should match the style of the room or the child’s desires. For girls, you can choose a bed with princesses or floral patterns, while for boys, you can pick a bed with cars or sports themes.

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