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Tips to Help Kids Better Their Year 1 Maths Skills

Tips to Help Kids Better Their Year 1 Maths Skills

Maths is an essential subject that plays a vital role in improving problem-solving skills. It is also used in other subjects, for example, physics and chemistry later on. Having solid year 1 maths skills is an important start to maths concepts.

Some kids develop a negative attitude towards maths early on in life. This often hampers their development and grades as they progress. In this guide, we share some top tips to help your kid improve on their year 1 maths.

Make Learning Fun

Studies show that engaging your kids and making the lessons more fun can create a positive attitude. There are many ways you can make learning maths more fun. One way is by incorporating puzzles and games to help the kids understand basic concepts such as addition and subtraction.

Using real-life examples when explaining arithmetic operations will also make the lessons more practical. For instance, teachers or parents can use tennis balls or sweets to explain some concepts.

Encourage Regular Practice

Creating a reading culture early on is always a good step. Help your kids create a study table and slot in some time for maths practice. The idea here is to revise what was taught in class and understand the concepts better.

Use maths for year 1 worksheets available at Cazoom Maths, online puzzle games, and maths apps for homeschooling. Regular practice will not only help the students become better but will also build their confidence.

Use Real Life Examples

Sometimes kids dismiss maths, asking where they will need it in life. A negative attitude will hamper your kid’s progress. Using real-life examples such as going shopping with them or inviting them to help do simple chores around the house that involve maths can change their attitude.

You can go shopping and ask your kids to calculate the amount spent on groceries and change due. Besides that, ask them to help you bake a cake. While you’re at it, task them with measuring the ingredients as mentioned in the recipe.

Focus on the Basics

Maths for year 1 contains all the basics for future concepts your kid will encounter as they progress. Don’t introduce any new topics before they have fully grasped the basics. Discourage your students from using calculators so they can work on their mental maths skills.

A solid understanding of the basics will come in handy as you introduce other topics such as fractions and basic algebra. Also, reward your kid when they solve a problem or improve their previous score. Research shows that rewarding good deeds can have a net positive in a child’s life.

Wrapping Up

Year 1 maths sets the tone for a student’s mathematical abilities. Patience is crucial during this stage to ensure that your kids grasp and understand the concepts. The tips in this guide will help you make significant improvements and nurture a love for maths.

Regular practice and using online maths worksheets are good starters. Games such as Snakes and Ladders can be perfect for creating fun when learning basic arithmetic.

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