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Tools That Power Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Best Tools for Working With Influencers

Marketing campaigns do not succeed merely because of an idea or an influencer’s involvement in the project — you need tools to make things happen, especially if you want to reach more people for business, like

These tools are software programs designed to help marketers maximize the potential of their campaigns. In this article, we will show you some of the best ones, and we are hoping you can check out some of them and use them to your advantage.


Upfluence is a tool that allows you to find influencers and content creators. You can filter your search based on the creator’s follower count, content type, and content performance. The Upfluence tool has coverage in TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The one thing you will love about Upfluence is that there are millions of creators on the platform. Big or small — you can find influencers of any size. Overall, there are more than 20 filters you can use to narrow your search for the perfect influencer for your marketing campaign. 

Here are some of the best features of Upfluence:

  • Millions of influencers.
  • You can use a lot of filters to narrow your search.
  • you can find influencers who already mentioned your brand.
  •  There is a Chrome plug-in you can use to make the search more convenient.

The Upfluence pricing matrix is not publicly shown. You have to request this information if you are interested in using the platform.

In addition, there is no cancellation policy once you have worked with an influencer. Finally, the platform is not as easy to use as some platforms are. There is a learning curve with how they designed the platform for use by marketers.


ClickUp is primarily a marketing management tool. The main thing you can achieve with this tool is to create marketing plans, execute them, and then analyze how these plans are working for you. 

The ClickUp platform allows you to do the following things:

  • Create a service agreement between you and your influencer.
  • Determine the scope of service that you expect from your influencer.
  • Agree on payment terms, milestones, and expectations.
  • It has automation systems that can do repetitive tasks, so you do not have to do them manually.

The ClickUp system also makes it possible for you to create brand messaging and document your intellectual property rights.

In addition to all these, ClickUp has a dashboard where you can see the performance of your campaigns. This dashboard makes it easier to manage your activities and set timelines for your influencers to deliver their commitments.

Social Blade

Social Blade is an application that allows you to look for influencers in your niche on specific platforms. the platform shows you the profiles of many influencers, and you just have to click on each to see who you like.

Here are the best features of Social Blade: 

  • You find influencers on specific social media platforms.
  • Like Upfluence, there are many filters you can use to narrow your search.
  • The site shows real metrics of influencers; this can help you make a good decision based on data.

The good thing about Social Blade is that as a marketer, you can check the performance of each influencer and decide which one suits your company best. For example, the site shows you a dashboard of how often an influencer uploads content and how people are responding to their uploads.   


Last on our list is Buzzsumo. It has over 500,000 influencers in its database. The system is a bit different because you can analyze the content on social media platforms that are related to your niche. This tool, which they call Content Analyzer, is invaluable in determining the best social media influencer you can work with. 

Here are the best features of BuzzSumo:

  • You can search for influencers on various social media platforms.
  • There is a database for journalist freelancers only.
  • You can analyze the performance of influencers based on engagement.
  • If you want, you can download the reports in CSV and Excel formats.

The one thing you may not like with BuzzSumo is that it is not for small businesses. The pricing is expensive. At the basic plan, you must shell out $199 monthly for only one user account. If you are a marketing company with lots of users, prepare to shell out at least $999 per month.

Influencers indeed hold a lot of power. Although they are regular people, they have a massive influence on the decisions that their followers make. The thing is that despite their influence, there are limitations to what they can do.

Use the tools we recommended to beef up your marketing campaigns. By design, these tools can help you manage your campaigns, improve your strategy, and even analyze how your campaigns are doing.

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