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Top 10 Law Firms in London’s Canary Wharf

Top 10 Law Firms in London's Canary Wharf

With over 1.5 million square feet of offices, it’s not a reason to be surprised it is Canary Wharf is London’s second-largest commercial hub. Many international law, banking and hospitality firms have offices within this river-side area. The present economic situation of the area is quite remarkable. It is due to the fact that more than four years back Canary Wharf was a defunct dock on the River Thames.

At first, a major dock was constructed for Mediterranean Canary Island’s trade of fruit in the 1940s, the wharf along the River Thames underwent a period of neglect that lasted up to the year 1980. Then, London’s council commenced the construction of tall buildings within the vicinity.

It is within these sky junkies that you will discover the top legal firms located in London. This article examines the top 10 law firms located in Canary Wharf.

  • Ignition Law Services
  • Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers
  • Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Russell Cooke Solicitors
  • Pinney Talfourd Solicitors
  • Whitehead Monckton
  • Crisp and Co
  • Palmers Solicitors
  • Liberty Law Solicitors
  • Gregsons Solicitor


Ignition Law is an established law firm that is specialized in providing legal services for small and medium companies. The company has a primary concentrate on the start-up of businesses and offers specific services geared towards the creation of the business, its day-to-day operations and the growth of new businesses.

The legal areas that solicitors from the firm are commercial law, corporate law dispute resolution employment law, intellectual property law, as well as property law. Some of the firms who have made use of Ignition Law services include Tennis Foundation, GiveMeTap, Techmums, Youth Business International and AfriCat UK.


Gordon along with Turner Employment Lawyers is a law firm that has a particular focus on settlement agreements. The firm assists employees to reach an advantageous arrangement with their employers after the expiration of their employment.

The variety of services the law firm provides clients includes age discrimination, employment contracts as well as religion and race inequalities, discrimination based on gender parental leave and pay unfair dismissal, and a myriad of other cases involving employment. Gordon Turner Employment Lawyers provides legal assistance to employers by way of representation in tribunals for employment as well as agreements of employment, injunctions and the protection for confidential documents.


Herbert and Smith Freehills is an multi-national law firm with a wide legal service offering. The areas of law that this law firm covers include human rights and capital markets and climate change, trade corporate, cyber and data security dispute resolution and employment, finance mergers and acquisitions tax and real estate.

The firm is a specialist in a variety of areas, which include consumer, banking energy, infrastructure mining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, real estate as well as automotive and technology. There’s no limit to the legal services provided by Herbert Smith Freehills.


This top-ranked London-based law firm is active in many legal areas, including medical malpractice arbitration, asset tracking investment and business funding as well as breach of contract, bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement and fraud settlement agreements intellectual property, patent disputes tax and a lot more.

Russels Cooke Solicitors extraordinary knowledge means that the firm can handle complex cases with multiple dimensions. This firm is not unwilling to accept case referrals that may have baffled other law firms.


Established in Stoke Newington in 1899, Pinney Talfourd Solicitors is among the most prestigious firms located in London. It offers its services on two levels: both corporate and personal. The legal services provided to clients include personal injury wills, medical malpractice as well as divorce, employment probate, property litigation and protection of the court.

Corporate organizations are able to benefit from legal assistance in commercial litigation as well as commercial property litigation. corporate law, and agreements of employment.


Whitehead Moncton is a law firm that dates back over 230 years since the time that of George III. The year 1718 was the time that George Burr founded the firm the building at No. 9 King Street. It has expanded to become one of the most prestigious located in London.

Whitehead Moncton offers legal services both at the corporate and individual levels. Some of the areas of law which are offered by the company are commercial and corporate law commercial property law, mediation, employment law, property dispute resolution, as well as employment law.

Individuals may benefit from legal assistance with respect to wills and trusts divorce and family and professional negligence, as well as residential property management and wealth management.


Crisp and Co. is a law firm based in London that specializes in family law. The variety of services provided by this law firm include divorce family violence, domestic violence, mediation for conflict cohabitation, custody and prenups. The company’s slogan ‘Helping families to get back to normal’ summarizes the wide range of legal services that it provides.

Crisp and Co endeavor to make resolution of issues relating to family and relationships cost-effective and efficient. This can be seen in the low fees the firm charges their clients.


In the top 100 London legal firms Palmers solicitors are law companies that offer a broad range of legal services on the corporate and personal levels. The areas of law that the firm is able to handle at the corporate level are business law, commercial and civil mediation commercial debt as well as criminal defense corporate finance, litigation dispute resolution.

Individuals may get legal advice and representation through the Palmer Solicitors in the areas of criminal defense, insolvency and debt employment the estate plan, dispute over properties and the family laws.


Libert Law Solicitors is a law firm that offers a variety of legal expertise, which include road traffic law employment law, criminal legislation, immigration laws civil litigation along with business law. The wide range of legal services offered by the area of expertise of the firm are available at both individual and corporate level.

As one of the top London lawyers, Liberty Law Solicitors offers its services all day, seven days of the week. It is therefore possible to visit their offices located in Canary Wharf at your utmost convenience.


Not to be left out, Gregsons Solicitors is a high-rated firm in London that offers legal services to business, individuals and other corporate organizations. The areas of expertise of the firm include commercial and company law commercial property law wills and estates as well as dispute resolution as well as leasing law and enfranchisement, employment protection from the courts as well as residential conveyancing.

In 1793, the firm was founded. Gregsons Solicitors boasts over 200 years of experience in the field of law. The company’s stated values are providing the best quality legal representation as well as professional legal counsel on all legal issues in its range of services.

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