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Top 5 Vertical Bathroom Radiators

Modern radiators come in many shapes, sizes, and colours, making them particularly hard to choose from. Regarding vertical bathroom radiators, there are a few options to consider depending on what style and practical usage you are going for.

To break it down, this guide uncovers the best options you have to consider for building the dream bathroom of your own. Read on to find out more!

A Bit About Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators are the best option for bathrooms where space is usually limited and very much needed.

The long-streamlined form allows it to fit nicely into any space without creating too much of an eyesore, but still striking in design.

In terms of colour, there is a range of colours to choose from, including chrome, anthracite grey, pure black or white, and much more. Rest assured that you will find something to suit you.

Many still offer the same amount of practical uses for hanging space, with towel racks incorporated into the design or available as a purchasable option.

Reina Slimline Vertical Designer Radiators

If you are looking to achieve a streamlined, minimalistic approach, then this pick may be the one for you. The Reina slimline range comes in a variety of dimensions and in an anthracite and white colour range.

The colour options cater for those looking to achieve a brighter or darker bathroom colour scheme. Dark cosy bathrooms might benefit from the anthracite colour option, helping to blend in with the warm, moody tones. The white option might be a better fit in more traditional bright, modern bathrooms.

The minimalistic design speaks for itself. The little detail makes it different from what you would expect from other radiators. A smooth, clean finish helps it fit into any contemporary-styled bathroom whilst taking up little to no room.

The chrome-coloured towel rack helps for those practical uses to hang up your loose clothing or towels.

Reina Belva Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiators

The Belva options from Reina are great for those still looking for a minimalistic approach but still want subtle detail. Again, coming in anthracite and white colour options, you can pick and choose which would better fit into your bathroom.

The bubble-like form makes it an eye-catching piece for anyone who steps into your bathroom. An additional chrome towel rack will help break up the colours and provide you with the extra practical usage you might need.

Trade Direct Aspect 2 Column Vertical Radiator

From Trade Radiators’ own unique range, you know you are only getting the very best quality here. Coming in black, white, and anthracite as an option, you have plenty of colours to choose from, depending on what you are looking for.

The design of this radiator is certainly one in a million. The column tube design achieves that wonderfully traditional radiator look whilst keeping the contemporary feel. The two towel racks incorporated into the flow of the design make this radiator truly unique.

This certainly is a great pick if you’re looking for a statement piece in your bathroom. It’s not all looks either; the practical usages are there too.

Trade Direct Nottingham Traditional Rail

Another one from the Trade Radiators’ range is the Nottingham traditional-looking radiator. It is a great choice for those wanting to keep that rustic feel in their bathroom. It captures all those conventional radiator features whilst keeping it looking clean and having top-quality performance.

The traditionally designed white radiator combined with the shiny chrome piping helps create that original rural feel that might already be present in your bathroom. Great for those who don’t want to go for the common modern approach but still want exceptional design and quality in their radiator.

This choice of radiator offers an electrical option for those who have or want to upgrade to an electrical heating solution.

Reina Neval Vertical Aluminium Designer Radiators

The Neval range from Reina is incredibly vast, showcasing all kinds of sizes as well as white and anthracite colour options.

Each radiator is made from pure aluminium in a polished finish, perfect for those shiny, chromatic bathroom styles. Also great for heat output for those looking for an extra cosy bathroom.

As for looks, it features a simplistically smart, long-column design. Enough to add a healthy amount of appeal to any bathroom.

In Summary

The world of radiators is incredibly vast, especially when it comes to bathroom radiators. It can be hard to decide what’s best for you.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a few items to consider in terms of colour, style, and design to make a better decision for yourself. Happy radiator hunting!

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