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Top Tips for Visiting Greece

Top Tips for Visiting Greece

Blindingly white houses and cars, delicious food, outstanding history, and the Mediterranean breeze caressing your face – Greece is a perfect place to celebrate life and enjoy its simple pleasures. It is a country with many faces, each one waiting for its visitor. How to prepare for an unforgettable trip to Greece? Let’s follow the guide.

1. Avoid peak seasons

The majority of vacations are taken during summer; as claimed by TravelWiseWay guide, more than 80% of travelers book their tickets for the June-August period. While the reasons may be rather obvious (sunny weather, swimming, school or university break, etc.), it is highly recommended to change the approach when considering Greece. 

First of all, the number of people visiting Greece gets so high that seeing the true beauty of the country seems to be impossible. There will be endless lines to the most famous spots, and quite a crowded background in the photos (in case you are into photo memories). 

The other reason is related to temperatures. In the past few years, the summer temperatures have been scorching, making all the outings during the day impossible, unless you love indoor stays. 

Therefore, if you want to have a comfortable stay, consider other seasons, as the beauty of Greece is an all-year-round pleasure. 

2. Do some reading

Practically every adult knows or is at least aware of the Greek myths they used to study at school. While there is no need to re-read all the stories, it is important to get to know the names of gods and goddesses, their ‘areas of influence’, and relationships. 

Considering that the majority of temples, decorations, and statues are dedicated to certain ancient periods and beliefs, it will be difficult to understand the value of the places without basic knowledge of myths. 

3. The capital

Athens, the capital of Greece, is the place where everything starts. It is a major urban area, which is steeped in history – you can feel it in every stonewall, and every stairway around the neighborhood. Although we tend to plan all-embracing trips, Greece will not fit such an idea, as its beauty requires attention to detail and time.

Some of the most iconic places in Athens are the Acropolis, Parthenon, and ancient Agora. However, once you start a quest, you will simply get lost in all the noble ruins, not being able to embrace the centuries that these walls witnessed. When mapping out the sights, check up on Valentina Baturinets advice, as she knows best all the ins and outs of Greek culture and places of interest. 

4. Discover the islands

Greek is not only about Athens and its surrounding; its territory extends to a variety of nearby islands, which involve Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Naxos, Corfu, Milos, Rhodes, Zakynthos, Paros – the list can be extended to 227 inhabited options, with overall 1000+ uninhabited small options. 

The trips are relatively easy, as there are ferry and boat trips. Every trip to a final destination is already a pleasure for eyes and soul, as you get to feel the breath of the Mediterranean Sea. 

5. Eat like a local

When in Greece, do as Greeks do – avoid the central locations, where everything is tailored specifically for the needs of the tourists. Instead, get off the beaten track, join the local cafes, and enjoy the huge portions of decent Greek food.

It will be best if you learn a few basic phrases, to communicate with the owners, as it is the proven way to reach the heart of every local. 

The Bottom Line

Greece is a rare gem among all the European countries, as instead of an ever-rushing society, it lets every visitor feel the time, how history embraces our present, and simply enjoy the moment of life. 

Greece teaches you to notice life in all its manifestations. Don’t miss the chance to have a trip of a lifetime, and plan your trip for the upcoming spring. Have fun and enjoy!

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