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Travis Ortmayer: What Happened To Him? Is He In Hospital Because Of His Drug Addiction?

Travis Ortmayer was addicted to drugs which led him to be hospitalized. Please continue reading this article to explore his wife and net worth details.

Travis Ortmayer was born in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, on August 9, 1981. He is a professional strongman from the United States known as Texas Stoneman because of his several world records in the Atlas Stone event.

“The Unit” is the name of Ortmayer’s strongman training facility. Roger Ortmayer, his father, trains beside him.

Sonja Ortmayer, his mother, and Tara Ortmayer, his sister, are both supportive of him.

Travis Ortmayer Drugs Addiction Story – What Happened?

Travis Ortmayer began bodybuilding in his early adolescence and has since won several powerlifting events throughout the world.

Then, he claims that he made decisions around ten years ago that led him down the road to hell and back.

The true horror began, according to Travis, when someone he knew “…introduced him to crystal meth.” That week turned into four years.

Ortmayer claims he lost all of his muscular mass during that period.

“I was as feeble as a kitten,” she said.

Physically and emotionally frail. “I glanced back and said I wasn’t finished yet,” Ortmayer recounts of his encounter with the devil.

He believes he battled his way out of the abyss by quitting the drugs. Travis resumed training in 2016 and was invited back to World’s Strongest Man this year.

Travis claims he battled his drug addiction, as well as the sadness and anxiety that followed, by choosing one item to be grateful for every day – on day one, it was his feet.

He previously was in the hospital but now he is fit and fine and leaving his wonderful and healthy life.

Who Is Travis Ortmayer Wife? She Was With Travis In The Hospital

There is currently no information on Travis’s wife available on the internet. He doesn’t appear to be married because he hasn’t made any public announcements about it.

However, as a 40-year-old guy, he must have been married and has not revealed anything about his wife.

If he had a wife, she must have looked after him when he was in the hospital during his drug addiction’s roughest days.

Meanwhile, we’re gathering information about Travis’s wife to keep our readers informed.

Travis Ortmayer Family Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Travis Ortmayer’s actual net worth has yet to be revealed. There are several assumptions regarding the strongman’s net worth on the internet.

His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million by Celebsagawiki and $19 million by

On the other hand, Travis has never revealed his true net worth to the media or the general public.

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