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Where to Exchange WAX to EOS at the Best Rate?

WAX to EOS Exchange — Where to Start?

Did you know that there are over 20,000 cryptocurrencies as of 2022? The crypto market offers thousands of opportunities to trade and earn in the process. But experienced traders know that the secret to success lies in trading rare, promising cryptos.

For example, it’s not easy to trade WAX to EOS because only a limited number of exchanges support this pair. Besides, you need to find a reliable platform with reasonable fees. If you are interested in this pair, here’s what you need to know before the trade!

Brief Overview of WAX Performance in 2022

In 2017, WAX was launched as a new blockchain to facilitate more straightforward and faster transactions. It uses the DPoS consensus algorithm for better speed and scalability and focuses on eCommerce. Developers can build NFTs and decentralized apps on the WAX blockchain.

WAX started the year at $0.49. The entire crypto market is going through a rough patch now, so the current value is expected to be lower. WAX is now worth $0.086, and the last few months haven’t been great.

At this point, WAX has around 2.1 billion tokens in circulation, with a total supply of 3.89 billion. The coin has a market cap set at $181 million, although it does show a recent negative trend.

Brief Overview of EOS Performance in 2022

Brendan Blumer and Daniel Larimer released EOS in 2017. It’s a platform that allows developers to build DApps. Many of them found EOS easy to use to design business and gaming apps.

EOS has successfully kept its position among the top 50 crypto coins despite its downfall in 2022. The year started with the token being valued at $3.25. While there were short periods with a positive trend, EOS keeps losing its worth until today. Its current value is $0.88, which is still respectable.

The project has an $877 million market cap. EOS is close to its total supply being 100% in circulation. For now, 993 million tokens are available out of 1.05 billion.

4 Important Factors to Look for in an Exchange Platform

You shouldn’t rush when looking for a crypto exchange platform. It’s vital to identify a trustworthy website that offers excellent service quality. Here is the list of items to check before using a platform!


The entire point of using digital currencies is remaining anonymous during transactions. If that’s your goal, stick to decentralized crypto exchanges. These won’t require registering with your personal information to perform trades. It protects you from sharing sensitive data. There’s no risk a third party would forward your info to others, and you are safe if a hacker attacks the platform.

Rates and Fees

Rates and fees have a mutual connection since there’s no point in offering generous rates if the costs are high. Begin by identifying that the rates offered for your preferred pairs are attractive. You can compare the numbers on several platforms to identify the exchange with the most generous rates.

As for the fees, it’s normal for the website to earn something from the trade. However, the charges should be reasonable, so they don’t eat up your shares.


A crypto exchange should have an intuitive interface with fast page loading times. The transaction process should go smoothly. The best digital exchanges guide you through the entire trade in a step-by-step form. It’s vital you can use the platform on desktops and mobile devices. That ensures you can perform a trade on the go and regardless of your location.

Support of Rare Trading Pairs

It’s easy to find a place to trade Bitcoin or Ethereum. But what if you identified a rare trading pair with huge profit potential? That’s why you need a digital exchange that supports hundreds of digital assets. Most platforms offer at least 200 trading pairs. They carefully check each currency to ensure a curated selection based on popularity and user preferences.

WAX to EOS Exchange on Godex

Godex is an anonymous exchange with the best rates on the market. It supports over 300 digital assets, ensuring you’ll easily find the desired trading pair. It’s easy to use the Godex exchange since it features an intuitive interface. Beginners will find the platform simple to navigate, and experienced traders will appreciate the smooth transaction process. Don’t hesitate to give this exchange a shot and see why it has become a market hit!

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