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Who Has The Highest Water Rates in the UK?

Depending on where you live in the UK, there are significant differences in the cost of water utilities that you can expect to pay. The good news is that you can anticipate paying less for your water supply if you reside in the North East as well as the center of England. Let’s discuss the highest water rates in the UK in more detail below.

How are water rates applied in the UK?

The cost of domestic water varies depending on the region in England and Wales. The cost of your home water will vary according to your region’s size and water supply.

Most residents pay an annual water fee that covers domestic water supply as well as related expenses like preserving water quality.

A small percentage of people have a water meter in place of this, which in some situations, might be a more affordable option.

How do water providers in the UK determine water rates?

Your home water bills are calculated by water suppliers in one of 2 ways:

•       Unmetered:

No of how much water or sewage you use, you pay a predetermined fee for the service. This is based on your home’s rateable value (RV).

•       Metered:

Your residential water usage is measured by a water meter, and you are charged according to the units of water you consume.

You can even compare water rates with other providers or suppliers to get the best deals and, as a result, save more money.

Highest water rates area in the UK

Wales and Scotland are marginally more expensive, but the southern regions offer by far the most expensive water supply. Anywhere along the English Channel will cost you more than the rest of the nation.

There are fewer water utility firms in the UK than there are for electricity and gas, and they generally concentrate on particular areas.

South West Water charges the most costly rates; therefore, residents of Cornwall and some areas of Devon may anticipate paying an average of £943 per year. Wessex Water, as well as Southern Water, have fees of £728 and £673, respectively, which is still quite costly.

Cheapest water rates in the UK

The most affordable location to purchase water is actually up and over the City of London, towards Essex and the neighboring counties.

While Severn Trent, which essentially serves the entire area from Bristol to Birmingham as well as the lower edge of Yorkshire, charges a respectable £502 per year, Thames Water only charges £440.

What is the reason for the increase?

According to the regulator Ofwat, inflation is the primary cause. All water providers have the authority to raise prices to keep up with inflation. As an outcome of rising inflation rates, some bills are rising dramatically.

Some water companies have been permitted to increase their user fees, nevertheless. The companies function on five-year business cycles, the latest of which runs until 2025, during which time Ofwat approves the services they will provide and the prices they will charge for them.

Some of the investment that Ofwat had initially rejected was allowed following a review by the Competition and Marketing Authority (CMA). Due to this, the pricing controls of four businesses—Anglia, Bristol, Northumbrian, and Yorkshire—have changed.


Now you know the highest water rates are mainly found in the Southern regions of the UK. However, Wales and England have quite high water rates as well.

Plus, the rates vary depending on the area you live so you should do some research and figure out based on your area as well as the consumption of water.

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