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Who is George Hay Whigham, a character from a British scandal? Is Margaret Whigham’s Father a Character in the Play?

George Hay Whigham from A very British Scandal is a multimillionaire and father of Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll. 

A Very British Scandal, the BBC’s latest period drama, premiered on Boxing Day, and viewers are captivated by the glamour and drama of the main characters.

After watching the scandalous series, George Hay Whigham has piqued everyone’s curiosity to find out who he is in real life.

It is the real story of George’s daughter, who is best known for her high-profile divorce from her second husband, Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll.

Who Is George Hay Whigham From A Very British Scandal?

George Hay Whigham is a Scottish businessman who was the chairman of Celanese Corporation of the United Kingdom and North America.

Richard McCabe has portrayed the role of George Hay Whigham in the series A Very British Scandal.

The plot revolves around her daughter, Duchess of Argyll, and her husband, Duke, and their turbulent marriage that ended in divorce.

George was born in the Scottish county of Ayrshire in 1879.

The multimillionaire Scottish man married Helen Mann Hannay, a well-known socialite’s daughter. The couple gave birth to their beautiful and iconic daughter Ethel Margaret Whigham.

She is their only daughter, whom they provided utmost care and facilities.

George and his family lived and worked in New York, sending his daughter to Hewitt School, а prestigious private school in the city.

Like any father, he was enraged when she fell pregnаnt with 18-yeаr-old novelist Dаvid Niven.

In addition, Mаrgаret was only 15 years old when she got pregnant as a result, George forced her to fly to London and have a secret abortion in a nursing home.

George Hay Whigham Has Amassed A Fortune

George Hay Whigham was a multimillionaire, and attempting to quantify his fortune is a futile effort in this era.

He was the CEO of a multibillion-dollar technology company in the United States. In addition, his wife Helen Mann Hannay is also a daughter of a millionaire and a renowned socialite.

He worked very hard to reach the position and acquire the fortune he created.

George further rose to prominence after her daughter scandalous divorce from Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll, in 1963

Did George Hay Whigham Have A Second Wife?

George Hay Whighman was married to his only wife, Helen Mann Hannay, a socialite. Besides this, there is no news or rumor reported about his second wife.

He was living happily together with her wife and an only daughter, Mаrgаret.

On the other hand, her beautiful daughter has countless scandals and romances in her early life, including Prince Aly Khan, millionaire aviator Glen Kidston, actor David Niven.

She had her first marriage with American businessman Charles Francis Sweeny in 1910. However, they divorced in 1993.

Following her divorce, she was shortly engaged to Lehman Brothers’ Texas-born banker, Joseph Thomas, which later got broken.

Then finally, Margaret married Ian Douglas Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll, on March 22, 1951.

The divorce from whom made her limelight in the media.

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