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Buster Edwards’s wife June Rose Rothery died due to natural causes in 2011.

The Great Train robbery happened on 8th August 1963 in  Glasgow–London train in Buckinghamshire which was used to send mails. It was the early hours of the travel and the gang stopped it at Bridego Bridge, near Cheddington.

They were quite successful in robbing the train as they got away with £2,600,000 which roughly comes done to $55 million today. This was one of the most high-profile cases of the 60s and it is talked about till today.

What Happened To Buster Edwards Wife June?

Buster Edwards was married to his June Rose Rothery in the year 1952 and they were together until his death in 1994. People are quite curious about the death cause of June.

Even though very little is known about the infamous killer’s wife, she died on 22 Jul 2011 in Bromley, Greater London, England due to natural causes.

It is said that Buster fled England along with June after the Robbery to lead a happy life. He was also the only member who got away with the arrest for a very long time. However, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Similarly, there is little to no information available on what happened to June after her husband’s sentencing.

Buster Edwards Daughter Nicolette Edwards

Buster Edwards and June Rose were blessed with a beautiful daughter Nicolette Edwards. After learning about the robbery and sentencing of the Edwards, people are quite curious to know where their daughter actually is.

There is a site where one of the users has come out to ask about Nicolette publicly to which another user condemns the acts. The daughter might be wanting a private life and to spread information about her online could be mere stalking.

As of the very minimal details we know, in 2022, Buster Edwards’s daughter is living as a florist. She followed her father’s footsteps, who owned a flower shop in the 50s.

Buster Edwards Death Wiki

Buster Edwards passed away in 1994 in Lambeth, London. He was found hanging inside a lock-up garage with the help of a steel girder in Leake Street. His death, however, opened up more speculations and theories.

Edwards was under investigation for another fraud case at that time and the fear of getting into jail gain might be the reason for his suicide. On the other hand, he was intoxicated too much to have killed himself. The case closed in an open verdict.

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