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Why Does Science Fiction Remain So Popular in 2024?

Why Does Science Fiction Remain So Popular in 2024?

A look at the top titles on any of the major streaming services will show you that science fiction remains as popular as ever. Since the first sci-fi movie was created way back at the start of the 20th century, it’s worth taking a moment to consider why this genre continues to appeal to so many people.

It Satisfies Our Love of the Unknown 

One of the most notable things about any type of science fiction is that it gives us a glimpse into the unknown. Whether it’s life on a distant star or a look at the future of the Earth, we get to see something that intrigues us. The biggest movie franchises like Star Trek have built entire fictional universes for us to enjoy and to compare with the real world we live in. Apart from movies, books, and TV shows, sci-fi has also entered other areas of popular culture such as art and theater, and has even led to real scientific breakthroughs being made.

Games like Star Trek’s 3D chess can now be played in real life, while there are many board games based on the most popular franchises, such as Star Wars: Destiny. Sci-fi fans can also try slot games like Invaders Takeover and Warrior Ways that take elements of this genre and mix them with the classic gambling format to produce something fresh. The Starburst slot game is a good example of how sci-fi has filtered into casino games. Set in outer space, this slot by NetEnt takes the classic slot format and adds a subtle space-age touch.

The Big Releases in 2023

Without new movies and TV shows being released regularly, it’s possible that this genre would start to lose some of its appeal. Thankfully, there’s no sign of the genre slowing down, as 2023 added some excellent new movies that added new themes and ideas. 

The most popular science fiction movies of 2023 let us see the growing diversity of the scene. Asteroid City and Leave the World Behind gave us something to think about alongside providing moments of action and tension. The best sci-fi makes us reflect on current society and the direction humanity is heading, as MasterClass highlights, which is something we’ve seen in many of last year’s releases.

New Blockbusters Due in 2024 and Beyond

2024 is set to be the year in which we get to finally see Dune: Part Two, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes and Rebel Moon 2. The number of sequels and ongoing franchises in the industry lets us see how fans love to see their favorite characters and stories develop over time, while it gives movie creators the chance to delve more deeply into the universes they build.

Spaceman is to be released on Netflix, and it features Adam Sandler as a space traveler who reaches a distant planet and discovers a strange creature who can help him put his life on Earth back on track. One of the most intriguing upcoming sci-fi efforts comes from A Quiet Place, which is set to get a prequel, subtitled Day One. It tells us the story of how the alien invasion began and may help us tie up the loose ends from the other movies in the series.

Science fiction continues to fascinate us. The genre works well as pure entertainment but can also give us a glimpse of the possible future we’re moving towards and provide the chance to criticize or highlight aspects of modern life.

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