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10 wine-related facts to help you choose the right bottle

10 things to know about wine to find the best one for you

The city of Budapest in Hungary is elegant, with awesome lookouts and sumptuous cuisine. However, some tourists need to learn about the city’s wine culture. The city of Budapest is famous among wine lovers due to its over two-thousand-year-old history. These are 10 must-knows for wine tasting in Budapest.

1. Hungary’s Wine Culture and History
In Hungary, winemaking has a long history that begins during the Roman Empire. The country’s dry, warm climate makes it perfect for producing grapes, and Tokai, which is close to Budapest, is well-known for its sweet dessert wines. In Budapest, drinking wine is a common ritual, with many people frequenting wine bars for a sip.

2. Prominent Wine Areas in and surrounding Budapest
Budapest is surrounded by numerous wine areas, in addition to the well-known Tokaj region with its unique wine-making customs and peculiarities. Wine enthusiasts visiting Hungary will have the chance to sample various wine products and discover the customary wine-making methods employed in each of the aforementioned regions while taking in its gorgeous scenery.

3. Hungarian Wine Types
Hungary has grown to be one of the most well-known nations for wine products, thanks to the use of numerous wine-producing grapes in its wine production. Hárslevelű, kékfrankos, kadarka, and furmint are a few of the popular grape varietals.

4. Budapest’s Top Locations for Wine Tasting
Budapest offers a wide variety of wineries, cellars, and wine bars for any traveller who enjoys fine wine. A few of the city’s most well-liked locations for wine tasting are The Tasting Table, Borkonyha Wine Kitchen—a Michelin-starred restaurant featuring a wide selection of regional Hungarian wines—and Munchies, the only pub dedicated to Hungarian beer.

Budapest offers a wide variety of wineries, cellars, and wine bars for any traveller who enjoys fine wine. Popular places in the city to taste wine are Borkonyha Winekitchen, a Michelin-starred restaurant with a wide selection of Hungarian wines, Kadarka, The Tasting Table, and St Andrea’s Skybar, a stunning rooftop bar.
5. Budapest Wine Festivals and Tasting Events
To get a true immersion wine experience, plan your vacation to Budapest around one of the many wine festivals and events held there each year. Throughout the year, there are numerous wine festivals where guests can sample up to 250 distinct Hungarian wine labels in addition to international wines from throughout Europe and beyond.

6. Hungarian cuisine and wine pairing
A complete wine-tasting experience can only be had when combined with delectable food. Additionally, there will be locations in Budapest where you may pair your wine with regional Hungarian cuisine. Try goulash, paprika-crusted chicken, or fried dough with toppings served with a velvet Kékfrankos or a full dry furmint.

7. Advice for Arranging a Budapest Wine Tasting Tour
If you want to make the most out of your wine tasting experience in Budapest, make sure you have enough time to prepare. See a variety of wine regions, individual wineries, and events, then choose the ones that most interest you.

8. Affordable Wine Tasting Selections
Budapest is known for its opulent wine settings, but there are also many affordable spots to sample different wines. You can sample many wines at a reasonable cost by ordering one of the tasting flights that many wine bars provide. But keep in mind that, instead of purchasing, you can sample different wines from far-off areas by going to wine festivals.

9. Budapest Safety Advice
As in any other city, it is important to exercise caution when it comes to personal safety when exploring Budapest’s wine districts. Go to places you are familiar with, limit your visits to renowned or well-known wine bars or even shops, and stay away from the area at night.

10. Bringing Home Hungarian Wine Bottles and Memories
The greatest wines in Hungary will make you want to hoard a few as a memento. Budapest also boasts a large number of chain stores and wine shops that sell Hungarian wines in large quantities at reasonable prices.

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