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According to a sports study, boxing reduces life expectancy

A study investigating the link between sports and life expectancy has revealed that boxers are more likely to live five years longer than the general population.

Conducting research, Examining the Market, and comparing life expectancies for elite athletes in 10 diverse disciplines.

In all disciplines, barring one the lifespan of athletes was extended and shortened, including boxing being the sole exception.

The numbers were compared to the world average life expectancy average at 72.6 years. The causes of death are taken into account.

Research has shown how boxers can expect to last until 67.7 years old, which is a complete five years shorter than the average population.

Around one in five boxers’ deaths may be related to head injuries as the study suggested that have been sustained during their sports career.

Some studies suggest that this number could be up to 22.9 percent of professional boxers.

Prof. Alan Pearce, Director of NeuroSports Labs and Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University spoke about the research findings.

He stated: “When it comes to boxing, it’s quite likely that this information is the result of the accumulation of numerous injuries to the body, and specifically on the brain during the sport of boxing throughout their lives.

“There’s no doubt that repetitive head knocks are associated with cognitive impairment, early onset dementia, and therefore contributing to reduced life expectancy.”

Football, boxing, American football, cricket basketball, baseball tennis, and golf, as well as rugby golf, tennis, and rugby, was discovered to boost the longest life expectancy with a mean of 80.4 years.

Information from over 1000 professional athletes was used in the study.

Head trauma was also linked with the causes of death in 17.2 percent of the football samples In other sports, the figure was less than 10%.

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