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Katrina Bookman’s Story of a Voided 43 Million Slot Jackpot

An American woman, Katrina Buchman, filed an action in the case of Resorts World Casino in New York after the casino did not pay the jackpot winnings in the game of slots. Bookman won a substantial amount of money, however, upon receiving the prize, she was told by the casino that they were unable to pay the amount due to the machine had malfunctioned. The machine’s malfunction is a uncommon event in casinos. In these instances of error payouts are deemed to be null and void. Castillo, Bookman, and Rape’s case are just a couple of instances where the winnings were greater than what the machines payout.

Katrina Bookman sues casino for $40 million, with a 2021 update.

Katrina Buchman attracted national attention when she went to Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, New York, and gambled on at the Sphinx Slot Machine which won $43 million. It was the biggest jackpot ever achieved during the history of slot machines in the US. Bookman as well as her companion, were awestruck at the glowing game screen. She was convinced that her life would be changed for the remainder of her life, and was elated to take a photo with the game’s screen. But her hopes fell apart as the casino’s management requested for her leave from the floor. They also requested to return the following day to be informed of the casino’s gaming rules. Even though she had a massive jackpot according to the machine but the casino claimed there was an error in the game and gave her a free steak dinner instead of $2.25. The woman has taken the matter to court.

Katrina Bookman Jackpot

In August 2016. Bookman enjoyed a couple of spins on the slot at Resorts World Casino. Bookman hit a jackpot of 43 million when she played the game of slots and then began making plans for her eight-figure payoff. It was like the end to their battle. But the casino’s management did not believe that they had won the jackpot. The top authorities of the Resorts World Casino informed Bookman that the multimillion-dollar winnings came from a machine that malfunctioned. The casino offered Bookman $2.25 that she won during that spin, and another steak dinner. The proposal was rejected with huge sadness from Bookman and she sought out an attorney. According to Bookman that a typical slot game like Sphinx wild game doesn’t have any connection to any progressive jackpot network. Because the machine is able to take the money when a gambler is losing and pays out when the gambler wins.

What was the role of Resorts World Casino do?

Casino officials stated that the jackpot resulted due to a malfunctioning machine and proved to be true through officials from the New York State Gaming Commission NYSGC later. Bookman was poised to smash the record of the largest jackpot ever won by an American slot with a 43 million dollars in jackpot. According to the bookman’s lawyers, Bookman ought to have known that progressive jackpot games aren’t able to provide the biggest prize ever won at American casinos. The woman took the matter before an attorney named Alan Ripka and refused to give up the claim. In the process of collecting her winnings she was not offered anything other than a free meal from the casino. When Bookman was able to cash her jackpot winnings the casino management decided to declare the jackpot was not real because of the malfunctioning in the machine. Instead they offered Bookman $2.25 and a steak dinner, however, the offer was rejected by Bookman who promptly appointed a attorney to bring a lawsuit against the casino. Alan Ripka filed a lawsuit against the parent company of Resort World, Getting New York LLC on behalf of Bookman.

Alan Ripka vs Resorts World Casino and IGT

Attorney Ripka demanded more information in a specific form regarding the root cause of the issue and inquired about the reason why the machine failed, Resort Works refused to provide further information on the matter and refused to explain. Ripka concluded that the mishap resulted in Bookman an economic setback as well as emotional stress due to IGT’s incompetence and Resort World’s. The primary reason is the lack of chance to make a profit. According to Ripka the casino is committing a huge injustice for the casino to hold onto the money that they appear to have were able to lose and not pay Bookman in the Sphinx wild machine. Ripka further stated that at the minimum, $6500 that is the maximum amount that the machine can pay, should be given to Bookman. Ripka was skeptical of the regular maintenance and inspection of lottery equipment as well as broken machines on behalf of the casino’s management. This suggests their incompetence and pointed at the possibility of winners at resort world casinos never winning. The casino malfunction lawsuit claims it is the responsibility of Resort world casino’s parent company, Getting New York LLC (video lottery operator) and IGT (slot machine maker) are defendants, and remain silent.

Katrina Bookman case 2021 update

In the Katrina Bookman decision ,no news of settlement was found between Resorts World Casino, Bookman and NYSGC even after searching the web. Bookman’s claim was denied and the facts of her case revealed that Sphinx Wild isn’t offering any jackpot that is worth millions of dollars, and the malfunctioning on the Sphinx slot machine will cancel all payouts. The outcome of this case establishes legal precedents established in similar jackpots that resulted from malfunctioning slot machines in cases. A woman aged 90 years old in Iowa city hit a jackpot of $41 million during a game of sports. There was doubt about the validity of the winnings. In the end there was a decision by the Iowa Supreme court ruled in favor of the Isle casino hotel because the large amount of money on the screen was due to an issue with the device. Slot machines are equipped with RNGs (Random Number Generators) are susceptible to malfunctions, which is why casinos have the name “Malfunction that voids all payouts and games “to ensure their businesses are protected. Bookman is not being compensated but the case is still pending. She is now seeking a settlement of $43 million for damage caused by the casino’s effect on her mental health . She also is seeking a clear explanation of the reason why the machine went down.


Casino patrons who walk in with money only have one goal, and that’s to make a profit. The chance of winning a million dollars when you’ve played for a while can be a life-changing experience for gamblers. This is the reason why lots of gamblers are playing slot games online at However, there is no guarantee of winning on a slot machine in a casino in the event of a malfunction. A record-breaking jackpot win is just an illusion to the player’s naked eye. Similar to Katrina’s case, the dazzling winnings from the slot machines were an illusion at the start. Her story is truly one of sorrow and tragedy, one, where her hopes were wiped out without fault of her own.

Disclaimer: Content is for informational purposes only. Gambling may lead to addiction and financial loss. Play responsibly. Seek help if needed. Not an endorsement of gambling.

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