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After being taken to the hospital and missing Morning Live, Dr. Ranj provides an update

Dr. Ranj, a former contestant on Strictly Come Dancing and a regular on Morning Live, dubbed ‘plonkers’ those who speculated as to the cause of his hospitalisation on Tuesday as he gave his followers a health update.

Dr. Ranj Singh, a former This Morning personality, blasted “anti-vax plonkers” on social media on Tuesday night as he disclosed a recent hospital visit for medical care. The doctor retaliated against anyone making health-related assumptions about him and thanked the NHS for taking care of him.

Following the star’s cancellation of an appearance on Morning Live earlier that day, where the doctor was slated to lead a section on norovirus, Dr. Ranj provided a health update. Dr. Xand, aka Alexander van Tulleken, would be filling in for Dr. Ranj, who wasn’t “feeling very well,” according to presenter Gethin Jones.
Dr. Xand is joining us from the Operation set, Gethin told BBC viewers. “Dr. Ranj was supposed to be here today, but unfortunately he is not feeling so well.” The Welsh presenter then spoke with Dr. Xand and thanked him for filling in for Dr. Ranj today before talking about how the prevalence of norovirus illnesses on cruise ships is rising.

On Tuesday night, Dr. Ranj addressed his health scare with his 347,000 followers on Twitter and advised individuals who believe in vaccination conspiracies to “give their heads a wobble.” A screenshot from his Instagram Stories was captioned by the former Strictly Come Dancing participant as follows: For the anti-vax trolls on here, FYI. Give your heads a little wiggle, please.
The Morning Live host’s statement reads: “A quick health update… Sadly, I became dehydrated following a case of food poisoning. Fortunately, I received excellent treatment from our NHS and was sent home after receiving some fluids to recover! Regrettably, some complete idiots on social media (namely Twitter) believe that my recent hospital visit has something to do with immunisations. Not at all. Honestly, get a grip!”

The resident doctor for Morning Live left Elon Musk’s Twitter last month and informed his followers on July 6 that he was leaving the platform. It was once such an enjoyable location, but it has turned out to be dreadfully cruel. Although I’ll still have this account, I won’t be blogging or participating as much. Catch me on Instagram, it’s more nicer there.
Prior to leaving This Morning in 2022 after six years of service, Dr. Ranj recently made an appearance on Morning Live to co-host an educational programme with Jonnie Irwin on common misconceptions about hospices and palliative care. After receiving a lung cancer diagnosis in August 2020 that has since migrated to his brain, Jonnie said last year that he is unclear of how long he has to live.

Jonnie said to Morning Live viewers last month via video link: “I’ve been using palliative care for three years.” The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life and lessen suffering in patients with serious, complex, and frequently terminal illnesses.
Jonnie went on to dispel some common misconceptions regarding palliative care, saying: “I’ve been in palliative care since day one, when I got my diagnosis. It’s the care you get when physicians think you won’t recover. It can appear in a variety of forms, such as hospital stays, chemotherapy, and hospice care.

Before Dr. Ranj Singh continued to inform BBC viewers about palliative care and how the redirection of care can “go on for years or just days – it depends on the individual situation,” Jonnie said that the nurses in the private hospice he is currently residing in had been “amazing.”

Congrats, Jonnie Irwin. One BBC viewer praised the episode on Twitter after it aired this morning, calling it “the best description of palliative care and how it’s funded I’ve heard in a long time.” “Watching your piece on palliative care this morning, My husband was diagnosed in April last year. We were given a palliative care nurse immediately, and without her and the Hospice (were he to die in December), we would never have coped,” another person tweeted to the Morning Live Twitter account.

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