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After the crash, Freddie Flintoff’s family declares that his “life is more important than being on TV”

Former cricketer Andrew Flintoff, also known as Freddie, 45, was taken to the hospital after a horrific accident occurred while filming for BBC’s popular automotive programme Top Gear. According to Freddie Flintoff’s family, his life is “more important” than appearing on television, according to presenter Angela Rippon.

The 45-year-old former cricketer was injured while filming the popular automotive programme Top Gear at the test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey in December and was brought to the hospital.
He was recording for the programme with former host Angela, 78, who has since provided insight into the reaction of Freddie’s family to the disaster.

In a text message she sent him after the incident, she wrote, “Next time you want to go around the course a bit slower, just give me a call.” She later admitted that she did so.

In 1977, Angela presided over the show’s debut episode and held the position for two years.

“I was just so sorry because they [Freddie and his co-presenters] are not professional drivers and are asked to do things that even professional drivers very often would find difficult,” she continued.
“I think Freddie and his family decided this was an ask and a task too far and his life is more important than a television programme,” she continued, according to The Sun.

It was stated last month that he was taking each day as it came following the vehicle crash.
He suffered injuries to his jaw during the horrifying occurrence, which left him in agony for more than 45 minutes.

The heads of the BBC have been charged with “failing to properly look after” Freddie.

According to the allegations, Freddie was hurt while giving his feedback on the vehicle he was driving for a review section.

The BBC has been charged with failing to protect Freddie following a study into the health and safety of the programme, the findings of which are apparently not going to be made public.

Source: “The BBC has been keen to keep a lid on the extent of Freddie’s injuries for obvious reasons,” source told The Sun. It’s difficult to put into words what he went through; the accident itself was far worse than anyone actually realises.

“But basically, the automobile overturned at high speed, and Freddie — who also injured some ribs — is traumatised by the whole affair, as is understandable. He has been tremendously brave and resolute, and happily, his strength is increasing. He is simply taking each week as it comes.

The BBC cited an earlier statement in lieu of commenting on the allegations.

According to the earlier statement, “In March we concluded our investigation into the accident at the Top Gear Test Track in Surrey, which regrettably injured presenter Freddie Flintoff.”

“We truly sorry to Freddie and are still helping him get better. According to our processes, an evaluation of the show’s health and safety is currently underway.

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