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Benefits of Dust-Free Sandblasting

In the modern world, almost every surface has been coated or painted. Sometimes, however, the surface needs surface preparation to look better and be more durable. When the surface is not in good condition, dust-free sandblasting can be used to remove the rust, corrosion, or stains that are preventing it from looking its best. Moreover, dust-free blasting is safe for the environment. 

99% less dust than conventional abrasive blasting 

Sponge-Jet abrasive blasting processes produce up to 99% less dust than conventional abrasion. This is achieved through the use of composite abrasive media that captures airborne particles and resists shattering. Typically used to remove lead or PCB-based coatings, sponge blasting produces a dust-free finish in a fraction of the time and cost. 

In addition to its low dust content, robotic blasting can also be safer than conventional dry-blasting methods. Some of these products even create up to 92% less dust than traditional dry-blasting processes. By focusing on what makes a process more effective, researchers developed a robotic system that could effectively remove paint from aircraft. Conventional methods of removing paints often involve manual grinders and harsh chemicals. 

Moreover, abrasive blasting processes emit high levels of lead-containing debris, which poses a risk to workers and the environment. In one study, over 500 pounds of lead-contaminated spent abrasives were released into the air during paint removal operations. The needle gun system eliminated this hazardous waste generation, reduced airborne concentrations of respirable dust, and reduced lead-containing particulate matter. 

Safer for the environment 

When, it is important to ensure that the work is done in a safe environment. This includes ensuring adequate ventilation. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor job site, proper ventilation is vital to preventing the spread of abrasive dust and particles. 

Silica dust is an incredibly hazardous substance, and even short exposures can cause serious respiratory problems. Silica dust has been linked to several diseases, including silicosis and lung cancer. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has a mission to prevent these diseases. 

While sandblasting is an effective way to remove old paint and preserve fine details on surfaces, the process can have harmful effects on the environment. The use of silica in sandblasting poses a threat to health, leading to a condition known as Silicosis. Airborne dust from sandblasting is also a threat to the environment. Because of this risk, environmental controls have been implemented to minimize the release of particles into the air. 

Recycling glass media is an environmentally friendly alternative to sandblasting, as it produces less dust and fumes and can be recycled. It is commonly used for plaster surface preparation, metal cleaning, and paint removal. Another environmentally friendly option is using crushed walnut shells as an abrasive media. The downside to using walnut shells is that they can damage the primer layer and coating. 

Easy to use 

Using a dustless sandblaster is an eco-friendly and safe surface preparation method. This type of blasting uses recycled glass as the abrasive media, which is both biodegradable and non-toxic. In contrast, traditional blasting methods use sand, which can cause deadly diseases, including silicosis. Another benefit of a dustless blaster is that you don’t need to wear a full-blast suit, which means you can move around freely. Lastly, you can save on your operating costs by using a dustless system. 

With the dustless blasting technique, you can blast any surface without worrying about damaging it. Its powerful abrasives are applied under high pressure, leaving the surface clean and without damage. Additionally, this type of surface preparation can be done much faster than conventional power washing. 

A dustless sandblasting machine is a one-stop solution for your customers and is relatively inexpensive. It’s even easy to use for the average home or office user. These units can be purchased online and delivered within one or two days. Most items ship the same day, and you can even get next-day delivery if you’re in a hurry. 

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