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Travel Documents Required When Travelling to Hawaii

Usually referred to as the big island, Hawaii is popularly known for its beautiful beaches and is thus among the most popular destinations in the US. People from all over the world will travel just to enjoy the beautiful scenery offered by these islands. Traveling and experiencing new things and cultures is one of the best ways to make memories. You can tag your friends or family to make these sweet memories together. However, you should abide by some law requirements, especially if you are a foreigner. Continue scrolling to learn more about traveling documents essential when traveling to Hawaii.    

Typically, you will have various questions popping up in your mind when planning to tour Hawaii. These questions include: Do you need a visa for Hawaii? To answer this, if you are planning to tour the US and are a foreigner, you must acquire some travel authorization documents. These documents include the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) or a visa. The United States government introduced the ESTA to make it easier for low-risk business persons and tourists to visit the country. Also, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization allows travelers to monitor, thus guaranteeing high levels of security. The ESTA is applicable for US non-citizens staying or traveling to Hawaii.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to have a visa if you are traveling from the US and are a citizen. 

Who is Eligible for ESTA application?

To apply for an ESTA when traveling to Hawaii, you must be a citizen of 38 specific countries included in the Visa Waiver Program. Otherwise, citizens from any other country must apply for a visa instead. 

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that when applying for an ESTA, your tour’s mission must be to participate in an amateur event, visit family, business, or tourism. On the other hand, this document does not permit one to study or get employed in Hawaii. Therefore, workers and students must obtain a visa.

Can You Travel to Hawaii with a Green Card?

If you are a US Green Card holder, you will enjoy the same traveling benefits as US citizens. Nevertheless, you will be required to present several identification documents, such as immigration documents or a valid resident permit. The border authorities usually request this. 

Will Minors Require a Passport When Travelling to Hawaii?

Generally, minors are not required to have a passport when traveling to Hawaii. However, during domestic flights, they will be required to travel with an adult if they lack any form of photo identification. On the other hand, the adult must own an updated and valid photo identification document. While normal restrictions apply to minor travelers flying alone, some airlines might allow underaged passengers up to 12 to travel without following the minor traveling procedures. 

It is best to travel with a minor’s birth certificate as proof of age when need be. 

Always ensure you have the required identification documents if you plan to go on a business trip. This will prevent you from crossing paths with the authorities.

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