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Fruits having best vitamin content for men

Like every nutrient is essential for the body in some proportions, the same goes for vitamins. But due to a lack of health education, you can say, people do not really know the importance of vitamins and they end up missing them in their diet. You will not realize the deficiency instantly but surely over time such men suffer from deficiency of some vitamins. Vitamins are categorized as a micronutrient in the body, which means they are needed in small quantities. But this does not mean that they are useless, even if you don’t make them your body would function normally. 

Because you must necessarily consume it in small amounts because that is actually needed for the well-functioning of the body. For this reason, most men are found using vitamin supplements to fulfil their deficiency. Not just supplements but such men also are profound users of Cenforce 200 mg and Tadalista 20

In this article, we would be giving the names of some fruits that could satisfy the demand for vitamins by the body. So, from now on you do not need to look for supplements when a nearby fruit shop can provide them. 


Guava is a very common fruit with origins in Latin America but is available all over the world. Today in South Asian countries you would get the biggest farms of guava spread all over. It is nowadays a regular fruit you can find in the packed form in supermarkets or unpacked in street side fruit shops. You must prefer the unpacked one from regular fruit sellers, the ones present in malls under air conditioners have lost much nutrition. 

Guava is enriched with Vitamin C, a vitamin usually found in citrus fruits. Vitamin C plays an important role in raising the bar of the immune system thus, protecting the body from dangerous bacteria and viruses aiming to enter the body. Medium-sized guava contains around 100 to 120 mg of Vitamin C, enough for a day of vitamin c demand of the whole body. Besides Vitamin C, guava also contains several antioxidants, one of them is lycopene which prevents inflammation keeping free radicals away. 


Another common fruit on the list is papaya. They are consumed both raw when their outer layer is green and riped when it’s yellow or orange in colour from the outside. As raw, people like to eat it raw just like cucumbers or make a veg soup with papaya cubes. If you are aiming for weight loss or involved in athletics then a veg soup or raw papaya soup can be highly needed. They complete the demand for vitamins without stuffing many calories with fats because there isn’t much in papaya. Papaya contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Vitamin C is already known for its action to prevent free radicals, and Vitamin A takes care of the vision in low light thus, preventing night blindness. Vitamin E is also present in a significant amount that ensures overall good health. 


Another fruit which you might want for vitamins is strawberries. It is not a regularly consumed fruit like papaya, but mostly it is used in cakes, ice-creams or pies. Not many people like the taste of raw strawberry, as it tastes a little sour and the typical taste of a medicinal syrup. But talking about vitamin content, strawberries are filled with Vitamin C, around 150 or 160 gm of strawberries will fetch you around 97 mg of Vitamin C. Not just vitamin C but various minerals like manganese, folate and antioxidants can be found in strawberries. 

Children love strawberry-flavoured ice cream and candies; it is time to give them more forms of strawberries so that they can enjoy the taste, at the same time get healthy. 


Most of the readers would have thought where is orange. When talking about vitamins how can you expect not to have the name orange in its list? In fact, if you talk about the vitamin content there is always competition between oranges and other fruits. A single average-size orange can give you 92 mg of vitamin C. You can say that among all the other fruits on the list orange is the most popular and widely consumed. You can eat it raw, drink orange juice or use it in pancakes. Either way, you will get a considerable amount of Vitamin C. 

In various researches, it was proved that men who do not need Fildena 100 and Vidalista 60 mg are daily orange eaters, and there is nothing unhealthy about it. You must keep orange in your lunch box and whenever you get spare time peel it off. 


The bottom line is, that it is much better to eat fruits than find supplements and medicines from

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