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Getting the right amount of vitamin D every day: Find out where to get it from

Many people don’t even know how important vitamin D is in the human body. Moreover, a huge part of the population is unaware that they suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D supplementation should be part of everyday life, but it is worth knowing what dose of vitamin D would be recommended for us. 

What are the qualities of vitamin D? 

Vitamin D, also known as the sun vitamin, affects many processes in the human body. Adequate levels of vitamin D ensure great immunological health and are responsible for the rapid suppression of infections. In addition, vitamin D supports the cardiovascular system, regulates cholesterol levels, protects the skeletal system, and is responsible for proper muscle function. Studies indicate that vitamin D provides protection for the body against the development of cancers, especially those with high-level aggressiveness. It is also worth pointing out that proper levels of vitamin D have a positive effect on our mood, as well as making it easier to fall asleep and improving the overall quality of sleep. 

Where to get vitamin D from? 

We absorb vitamin D primarily through sunlight. During the warm months, vitamin D levels are definitely higher than in autumn or winter. Fish, such as salmon or herring that are oily, are also sources of vitamin D. Vitamin D can also be found in mushrooms, egg yolks, and yellow cheese. It is worth noting that the daily requirement for vitamin D is very difficult to obtain solely by diet and occasional exposure to the sun. Therefore, it should be pointed out that vitamin D supplementation is extremely important and advisable in almost every case. Additional help from nutritional supplements like Balance of Nature may help you to stay healthy as well. 

Vitamin D supplementation 

Nowadays, on the market, we can find a huge number of supplements that contain different doses of vitamin D. One very interesting solution are supplements that combine several vitamins, being responsible for certain processes in the body. In the “Your Secret Is” online store, we will stock a variety of supplements that we can tailor to our needs. Vitamin D can be found primarily in a product called Sun kiss ( This supplement also contains vitamin A and vitamin E, which have a great effect on the skin condition on top of slowing down the aging processes. 

Vitamin D – dosage 

Many people wonder what dose of vitamin D3 and D2 would be appropriate for their bodies. Currently, it is being recommended that the daily allowance of 4000IU should not be exceeded. The average dosage of vitamin D for a normal-weight adult should be 2000IU. The recommended dosage of vitamin D should not be exceeded because an excess of this vitamin, just like a deficiency, has no positive effect on the functioning of the human body. Before you begin vitamin D supplementation, it’s a good idea to go for a medical checkup or purchase a self-test at home. It should also be noted that vitamin D is best absorbed with fats, so it is good to take it with a meal. 

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