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This German dating site has evolved into one of the best multilingual sites for finding a partner in the UK, France, and other European countries. As a cost-effective alternative to expensive dating sites such as Badoo or Tinder, Parship offers thousands of personals by date-seeking peers in your country.

Is there a reason why this popular dating platform is so popular? With its scientific approach and thoughtful matchmaking, is based on relationships research from the University of Hamburg. You can entrust this site to handle all your dating fantasies from A to Z since it offers a plethora of weekly and daily events, extensive profile search capabilities and legitimate profiles. For more information, visit

We guarantee 100% authenticity of all profiles available

It is very likely you’ve encountered dating sites, some of them quite famous, where fake profiles bother users, especially those who use the free features of the site. The only way to prove that Parship UK, FR or CZ features legit personals is by manually activating each account by the person who created it. Only then can other people browse the search results.

In addition, the site was inspected by TÜV – the German agency responsible for online safety and privacy. However, it is still possible–and essential! We recognize that is a trustworthy and reliable dating site that respects the privacy of your personal data.

Does actual dating experience make a difference?

You might have seen it before, but it looks just like any other dating site. So, if the formula works, nothing needs to be changed, right? While online dating has been available on the web for years, all menus, buttons, inputs, and dropdowns have been perfected.

Is there a similar number of males and females? The site welcomes more than 20 thousand new members every week, which is pretty impressive. The ratio of men to women is nearly fifty-fifty, and site officials track this very closely, ensuring that matchmaking is fair for both sexes.

Members get different benefits depending on whether they are free or paying.

For people who are interested in meeting singles online, there’s a free trial membership available on the site. There will be a limited number of features on the site, such as matching partners, personality tests, sending and receiving friend requests, and sharing photos. A second option is not available to users without a membership, only to those with memberships. We will now proceed to the next point.

There is no difference between an expensive and a cheap monthly subscription. Online dating fans may find it more cost-effective to subscribe to a longer subscription plan. For a more convenient monthly fee, opt for a 6-month or 12-month plan. Is there a return on investment? In addition, there are all kinds of features available, including full access to profiles and messaging features, smileys, promotion offers, and so on. really becomes even better if you have a paid subscription to the site.

On-the-go dating online

There is a rather cool mobile iOS and Android app for Parship, if you didn’t know. Utilize it to stay up-to-date on account updates, new messages, icebreakers and sent photos. All your contacts and potential dating partners will fit comfortably in your pocket or purse while waiting for doctor’s appointments, at work, or during your daily commute home. In the event that a wild dating proposal lands in your inbox while you’re not at home, a notification will pop up and you can accept or decline it right away.


It is only a positive Parship review that can be found on this site. Every day, thousands of people chat on a reliable, foolproof dating site created by German pedants. In the screenshot below, you can see how easy and quick it is to register. In just minutes, you can discover the fascinating world of internet dates by completing the suggested questionnaire.

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