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How does the Yoto Player stack up against the dated Toniebox?

The market for simple, child-friendly music players with no screens has recently exploded. Several of them, including the tonies Toniebox, Jooki, and Timio, have been evaluated by us. The newest device is the Yoto Player.

The Yoto Player is a portable speaker that can play music from memory cards, much like the tonies Toniebox. What did we think, and who did we choose as our top pick? Follow this!

There is a review of the Yoto Mini available at this link.

My Initial Thoughts on the Yoto Player

Evaluation of the Yoto Player Box Speakers: How tasty is the yoto? Yes!
The Yoto Player is a small, compact box that features a simple pixel display and is fashioned out of hard plastic with a rubber bottom. It can be placed on its base, on its side, or even flat on its front, as shown above.

A magnetic charger is included and attaches to the charging port with a satisfying snap.

The Yoto Player can be used whilst charging, and its battery life is estimated to be eight hours when fully charged.

Turn on the Yoto Player, insert the credit card-sized “welcome card,” and follow the on-screen prompts as they guide you through the device’s various settings (with a pleasingly British accent; I’m not a fan of toys that come with American voices, so this was a plus for me). We had no trouble connecting it to our home network after following the app’s straightforward instructions.

The Yoto Player’s Specs

Critique of YOTO PLAYER
The Yoto Player utilises cards that have already been programmed with narratives, songs, and sound effects. Insert the card into the top slot to begin listening. As long as the Yoto Player has access to the internet, it will automatically download the content and begin playing once it has finished downloading. Once content has been downloaded, it may be played without an internet connection; the device can store up to 140 hours of audio and features a headphone connector for listening on the move.

The Yoto Player vs. tonies Toniebox: which one is superior?

To pause the game, just take out the card. Even the youngest youngster will enjoy the feeling of independence and control that comes from doing something on their own.

Cards can be bought from the website for a few pounds up to nine pounds per story, which is comparably priced or even lower than an Audible download (for example, The Witches is presently available on Yoto Play for £8.99, while it is currently priced at £15.75 on Audible).

Yoto cards

Yoto Card sells blank cards for loading with custom content at a price of £8.99 for a pack of five.

The Yoto Player has only three buttons, including an on/off switch on the side and volume and chapter controls on the top, making it ideal for young children to use.

App for the Yoto Player

Turn the Yoto Player on its ‘face’ and use it as a nightlight. The Yoto app allows you to customise the hue of your nightlight.

Depending on whether it’s daytime (sun and clouds) or evening (moon), the time and weather will be displayed. Depending on the settings, it will turn off if unplugged, however if connected to the charger, it will remain on permanently. You can use it as an adult version of the beloved Gro Clock for toddlers by programming it to reflect your desired bedtime and wake-up time.

Yoto, A Smartphone Application

The Yoto Player, like the Jooki, is a bluetooth speaker that can be used to play music from a streaming service like Spotify or Deezer on your phone or tablet.

The Bluetooth speaker Yoto Player
After enabling Bluetooth pairing in the Yoto Player app (push the left button in for three seconds), you can use the speaker wirelessly.

The software also allows you to adjust the volume and screen brightness, shop for virtual cards, keep up with the news, and troubleshoot. If you manage to lose or break a card (I would suppose this is quite hard given they are identical to credit cards, but you know kids…), you can still access your entire library on the app and play it there.

Constant updates and additions to the Yoto App make it better than ever. You can give the app a try before deciding whether or not to buy a Yoto Player. To learn more about the Yoto App, visit their website.

Radio and regular podcasting

The supplementary free material is one of my fave aspects of the Yoto Player. When the card slot is vacant, you can listen to the daily podcast or Yoto Radio by pressing the right button once or twice. (You can alter how this is access via the app).

Click once a day to listen to the podcast. Although it’s only a few minutes long, the kids really love listening to the daily rotation of riddles and other kid-friendly stuff.

Yoto Radio, their in-house station, features music from the 1970s, 1980s, and now; to listen, simply press the button twice. All of the compiled material is guaranteed to be entertaining, kid-friendly, and ad-free. While I was composing this, I had various artists—from Huey Lewis and the News to Smash Mouth to Lewis Capaldi—playing in the background.

Do you recommend the Yoto Club?

The Yoto Club is no longer the same!

Since October 2022, the Yoto Club has simplified its interface and increased the variety of monthly card options available to its members.

Yoto will credit your account with two Club Credits on the day of each billing cycle. One Yoto Card can be purchased with one Club Credit, and there are many more Yoto Cards to choose from than the ten that were originally available. Already, you may choose from more than a hundred different books.

Yoto Club Cards are available whenever you want them, and your Club Credits will remain valid for a full year.

In addition, all cards are discounted by 10%, and shipping is always free.

Considering the average cost of a Yoto Card is £9.99, this is still the most cost-effective approach to amass a collection. For information on how to sign up, please visit our website.

What are the Yoto Player’s advantages over the Toniebox?

What are the Yoto Player’s advantages over the Toniebox? Yoto vs. Tonies Player
We think that the toy subscription box Toniebox is fantastic for young children and have recommended it to others. If you were to choose between the new Yoto Player and the tonies, which would you buy?

My parenting group members have asked me this, so I’m providing the best answer I can here.

The first is that they are all roughly the same price. The box and one Creative Tonie in the Toniebox beginning kit will set you back £69.95, with tonies typically retailing for around £15. The suggested retail price of the Yoto Player is £79.99 and it features an editable welcome card. Yoto Player story cards can cost up to £9.

When compared to a tonies Toniebox, how loud is the Yoto Player’s speaker?

There is a wide selection of narrative cards for the Yoto Player, and more are constantly being added to the collection. Books written for children ten years of age and up, such as those by Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, are included. The youngsters have also been listening to and enjoying the topical podcast “The Week Junior Podcast.” While the podcast is available for free online, the Yoto Card (which costs £1.99) provides convenient access.

The cards are around half the price per story and more convenient to store, but the characters they feature may not be as cute and collectible as those seen in tonies.

Both ‘boxes’ are user-friendly and obvious even to young children. Tonieboxes are great for babies and toddlers because of their gentler feel. It’s visually appealing, and it comes in a wide variety of colours to complement any youngster’s decor.

What are the Yoto Player’s advantages over the Toniebox? Review of Yoto vs. Tonie’s Yoto

But the Yoto Player outperforms the toniebox in every way imaginable.

It can serve as a nightlight, a clock with day and night mode (very useful as a step up from a regular clock), and a bluetooth speaker for playing music from a mobile device. My children are big fans of the radio station and daily podcast, all of which are available for free.

In my opinion, the Yoto Player is superior to the toniebox for all save the youngest of youngsters due to its extended playtime.

Because it is continuously being updated and enhanced, the software will get better over time — at no additional cost to you — and will last much longer than your child does.

I have already told my friends and family members how great they are.

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