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Explanation of the appeal of Manchester-Las Vegas flights

People from the Northwest of England go in large numbers each year to Las Vegas, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Vegas is packed with exciting attractions. The casinos on The Strip provide a wide variety of slot machines, classic table games, and the opportunity to learn the basics of poker.

The Strip is famous for being an adult’s paradise where they may do anything they want. Hotel casinos range from opulent affairs themed after bygone times to sleek, glass-encased contemporary designs.

There are a variety of events and clubs for adults only, as well as casinos offering every game imaginable. It’s not common to hear a “last order,” and you never know who you could see there.

We’re in Sin City! The lack of direct flights from Manchester Airport to Las Vegas is unexpected and frustrating given the city’s popularity.

To reach the glitzy casinos and exciting nightlife of Sin City, visitors must first go to London and then catch a flight.

Did Manchester and Las Vegas ever have nonstop flights?

Yes, there were, I guess.

Direct flights from Manchester’s busy airport to Las Vegas were offered by only a few UK airlines, including Virgin Atlantic.

In May of 2020, however, the company announced its summer itinerary, and the Manchester–Las Vegas flight was unable to be found.

After the route was cancelled, Virgin Atlantic verified the news on Twitter, and customers who had previously made reservations had their flights rerouted to depart from Heathrow.

Which airline, if any, would dare to take the risk of operating nonstop flights to Sin City?

Check out the timetables

We looked into this and found that there are currently no direct flights between Manchester and Las Vegas.

However, we discovered that it is possible to reach Las Vegas from Manchester Airport through a series of layovers and connecting flights.

Flights to Las Vegas from Manchester on KLM and Air France include a layover in New York at JFK Airport.

Depending on when you book, you’ll have to change planes in Amsterdam or at JFK Airport en route to Las Vegas (or fly into London on another carrier and connect to a Virgin flight out of Heathrow).

Both Ryanair and British Airways take flight from Manchester; however, Ryanair makes two stops en route from Manchester to Las Vegas (at Dublin and New York City’s JFK Airport).

From Manchester Airport, Air Canada provides nonstop service to Las Vegas, with connections in Toronto.

Manchester to Las Vegas nonstop flights? Have we lost all hope?

As of right now, it appears that no airlines servicing flights to and from Manchester Airport that stop in Las Vegas have any plans to begin offering direct flights.

Although it has not been proven, it is likely that Virgin Atlantic rescheduled their flights because of the widespread effects of the COVID pandemic on the transport and hospitality industries.

Nonetheless, we believe that if anyone can, Branson can, and to be honest, we would be fairly astonished if Las Vegas did not make a reappearance on the direct flights from Manchester schedule, provided that Virgin Atlantic has adequate planes to sustain it.

Since Thomas Cook’s passing, Virgin Atlantic’s reputation in Manchester has risen dramatically. Virgin Atlantic’s future at the airport looks promising, what with the new pier’s facilities (including a Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse lounge) slated to debut this year. Only five destinations (Atlanta, New York, Barbados, JFK, and Orlando) seems oddly limited.


Direct flights are considerably more convenient than stopping at another airport or taking a connecting flight; it’s not nearly as exciting to travel the world if you have to spend hours waiting about in airports.

However, Virgin Atlantic recently announced that their Manchester to Los Angeles flights would be postponed again, this time until the Summer of 2023. With this in mind, there is, at least metaphorically speaking, a glimmer of hope for direct flights to Las Vegas from Manchester.

This would also make it possible to fly to Los Angeles and then take any number of domestic connecting flights to Las Vegas.

Direct flights will hopefully resume soon, but airlines are keeping their plans under wraps for the time being, so keep an eye on this space.

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