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Is Michael Fabricant’s hair real or synthetic? Here’s What We Know About the Conservative Member of Parliament

Is Michael Fabricant’s hair real or does he wear a wig? People are curious to know as the politician flaunts his unreal looking hair.

Michael Fabricant needs no introduction as the British politician has been a member of the parliament for over 28 years.

Since his appointment as a member of the parliament in 1992, Fabricant has been in the headlines for several reasons and topics.

Be that his naked cycling tour in London park or any other works, Michael has always been the talk of the town.

Among those headlines, one topic that gets frequently asked by the public is regarding his blonde hair.

Many people are seemingly curious to know the actual method that the politician used to get that unreal silky looking blonde hair. Or is it a wig perhaps?

Is Michael Fabricant Hair Real Or Does He Wear A Wig?

Despite the rumours of Michael Fabricant wearing a wig, he has always said about his hair being real.

Many people including MPs have asked if Michael wears a wig but the politician has strongly denied the talks and has said they are real.

Even his Wikipedia contains the information where Fabricant has opened up about undergoing some ‘enhancement of the follicular area’ to make his hair look as it does.

Likewise, he also denied sporting a wig and stood firmly on having natural hair.

Hence, it is believed that the politician Michael Fabricant’s hair is real and he doesn’t wear a wig although it might seem unbelievable.

Does Michael Fabricant Have A Wife? Family Details

No. The politician Michael Fabricant doesn’t seem to have a wife as he is believed to be unmarried.

Apparently, Michael has opened up about being bisexual and has even talked about wanting for a bit of sex when he appeared on a dating show, reports DailyMail.

However, no reports reveal the politician being romantically involved with someone or having a wife.

Hence, Michael Fabricant doesn’t have a wife and is probably single.

Moreover, discussing his family, Fabricant’s parents are Isaac Fabricant and Helena fabricant while no siblings of him have been confirmed.

What Is Michael Fabricant Net Worth?

Michael Fabricant reportedly has a net worth of around $1.7 million, according to Net Worth Post.

Nevertheless, the trusted sources known for confirming the net worth values have not yet specified the actual wealth of the politician.

Hence, while Michael is believed to have a pretty good amount of fortune, the above-mentioned figure is more like an estimate based on his life.

Winding up with the source of his earnings, the majority of his wealth is believed to have been earned through his political career.

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