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Jo Mccubbin: Who Is She? Chris Packham’s Daughter’s Age and more

Jo Mccubbin had a relationship with Chris Packham. Learn about her age and more. 

Jo Mccubbin is the mother of a young and nature enthusiast Megan Mccubbin. She is mostly known for her daughter’s name and for her relationship with Chris Packham.

Let us explore her life. People are interested in knowing details about Megan’s mother so details about her partner, age, and Wikipedia are presented in this article.

Who is Jo Mccubbin? Chris Packham Ex-Wife

Jo Mccubbin is popularly known for her relationship with nature lover and photographer Chris Packham. They were in a relationship back in the 90s and it has already been 13 years since they are separated.

They haven’t mentioned the reason for their separation. Currently, they live their lives as a separate individual while Chris got into a long-term relationship with Charlotte Corney who owns the Isle of Wight Zoo.

She is a nurse by profession and currently works as a front-line worker. Before she met Chris, she had a previous relationship and have a daughter named Megan Mccubbin who is into nature conservation and wildlife.

Since the pandemic, she suggested her daughter live with Chris who is her stepdad. Jo and Chris are not together but she knows that her daughter is still attached with her stepfather and shares common interests.

We still can’t find Mccubbin on any of the social media platforms. The front-line worker is very limited to sharing information about her private life and we know most about her through her daughter and ex-husband.

Jo Mccubbin Age Not Exposed- Wikipedia

Jo Mccubbin has not revealed any information regarding her age. However, we can assume her to be around her 50s as her daughter Megan is 25 years old.

She had met with her ex-husband Chris Packham when her daughter was just two years old. Megan grew for most of her life with her stepdad than her real father.

We are unable to find Jo Mccubbin on Wikipedia. However, her daughter is already featured on the platform and she must be a proud mother for everything her daughter has been doing as a nature conservationist.

Chris Packham special relationship with his Step-Daughter

Chris Packham and his stepdaughter Megan Mccubbin have special bonding. Her mother was separated from him when she was just at the age of 12 but still, she admires him as a person and his passion.

They have a professional collaboration. They have released their book called Back To Nature: How to Love Life and Save and similarly have launched an online community for the purpose of birdwatching to all people self-isolating themselves in the pandemic.

Chris is an inspiration to Meghan’s life. She developed her passion for wildlife and continues to learn everyday from him.

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