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Kieran Christensen

Kieran Christensen is one of the two children of Jayne Torvill and Phil Christensen. Since Kieran was of age, he became famous for being a celebrity couple’s son.

His mother, Jayne Torvill is an English professional ice dancer and former competitor whereas, his father, Phil Christensen is an American sound engineer. Moreover, Kieren also has a sibling named Jessica Christensen.

Some Facts About Kieran Christensen

  1.  Kieran Christensen can be found on Instagram under his username @kieran_christensen. He has shared 30 posts and his Instagram profile already has gained a total of 3562 followers.
  2. Even though Kieren has been earning a lot of money as he is a football coach for a local team and also has his parents’ money, the net worth of Kieren Christensen has been kept a secret.
  3. Wikipedia has not included any information about Kieran Christensen but his mother’s information can be fetched from Wikipedia as she is a famous ice dancer.
  4. Talking about his grandparents, the name of his mother’s side of grandparents are known to be George Torvill and Betty Torvill.
  5. He is a very good football player who also coaches a local team. Moreover, he has also won a lot of trophies in his local football games.
  6.  Kieran Christensen is the son of Jayne Torvill, Phil Christensen who is very obsessed with his parents as he keeps posting pictures with his parents very frequently on Instagram.

Kieran Christensen Height and Weight Explored

Kieran Christensen has not talked about his height and weight and neither have his parents revealed any information related to this topic.

This is proof that this celebrity couple does not want to bring their child into the limelight very soon.

NameKieran Christensen
BirthdayMay 2002
ProfessionFootball Coach
ParentsJayne Torvill, Phil Christensen
SiblingsJessica Christensen

Kieran Christensen Age:<strong> </strong>How Old Is He?

This celebrity child’s age is 18 years old as he was born in May 2002.

However, the exact day of his birth and birthplace has not been known yet.

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