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Wikipedia: Lewis Vaughan Jones: Everything You Need to Know About Hannah Vaughan Jones’ Husband

BBC Journalist Hannah Vaughan Jones’ husband Lewis Vaughan Jones lacks a Wikipedia page despite his popularity in the media world.

Lewis Vaughan Jones is a British news broadcaster located in the United Kingdom who presently works for BBC News and BBC World.

Before joining BBC News, he worked as a Correspondent for ITV News in the Midlands.

He also contributed to ITV’s Wales Tonight and London Tonight shows. He first joined BBC Newsreader in July 2017 and is continuously working for 4 years. 

Jones is also recognized as the husband of the popular journalist as well as presenter Hannah Vaughan Jones. 

Lewis Vaughan Jones Wikipedia 

BBC chief presenter Lewis Vaughan Jones is yet to be featured on a Wikipedia page. 

According to Everybody Wiki, Lewis ITN was where Vaughan started his career.

Before relocating to London, he worked for ITV Wales for nearly two years. He worked for ITN as the Acting Health Correspondent and the ITV News Political Correspondent.

Vaughan Jones covered Barack Obama’s presidency and the Sandy Hook School Shootings for ITV News’ Washington Bureau.


I’m on the BBC News channel in a few minutes.

— Lewis Vaughan Jones (@LVaughanJones) July 11, 2021

Jones started as a newsreader for BBC News before becoming the Chief Presenter of BBC Global News in 2017.

He’s demonstrated his versatility by reporting on subjects as diverse as Diego, the father of 800 tortoises, and the nutrition of lettuce grown totally in space.

Lewis Vaughan Jones Wife Hannah Vaughan Jones

Presenter Lewis Vaughan is a married man. He is married to his wife Hannah Vaughan Jones. 

In 2015, he married Hannah Vaughan Jones, who is also a fellow journalist. But we do not know when the couple met for the first time or started dating.

In fact, hardly any details on their married life are known. 

Lewis and his wife Hannah have a son together. 

Lewis Vaughan Jones Age

Lewis Vaughan Jones may be in his forties. However, his exact age has yet to be determined.

Lewis celebrates his birthday on the 17th of March. 

Seeing as I won’t be going out for my birthday today, if you fancy singing happy birthday to me while you’re washing your hands, that would be lovely.

Also, I’ve had cake for breakfast, so this is already a good day.

— Lewis Vaughan Jones (@LVaughanJones) March 17, 2020

Does Lewis Vaughan Jones Wear A Hearing Aid? 

Yes, Lewis Vaughan Jones wears a hearing aid. He started wearing it in 2018. 

Vaughan Jones had good hearing his whole life until he had a cold and couldn’t hear in one ear in 2018.

He lost his hearing in his left ear permanently in 2018 due to a viral illness.

Doctors discovered that his left eardrum had stopped operating and that the nerve that transmits sound to the brain had died.

He claims that his hearing aid has been a huge assistance in allowing him to return to work.

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