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A New Era of Cinematic Delights: Omniplex Acquires Empire Cinema in Sutton

The biggest movie theater chain in Ireland, Omniplex Cinema Group, has its sights set on the British market, which is an exciting development for moviegoers. Omniplex is set to revolutionize the moviegoing experience with the purchase of the former Empire Cinema facility at St. Nicholas Shopping Centre in Sutton. Let’s examine the specifics of this fascinating endeavor.

The Grand Opening and Rebranding

The doors of the recently renamed Omniplex Cinema Sutton will open on December 8, beckoning moviegoers to enter an immersive entertainment experience. The twelve screens of the former Empire Cinema will now feature an eclectic mix of blockbusters, ranging from historical epics and dystopian thrillers to children’s fantasy films. Omniplex promises amazing experiences for everyone, whether your taste is for the whimsy of Wonka, the grandeur of Napoleon, or the adrenaline thrill of The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

Expansion and Investment

The Omniplex Cinema Group plans to continue beyond Sutton. Their ambitious aim is to purchase and remodel five more Empire Cinema venues throughout Great Britain for a total of £22.5 million over the course of the next 18 months. These cities are Clydebank; High Wycombe; Ipswich; and Birmingham. Not only that, but other places will be revealed in 2024. This calculated action seeks to maintain current employment while positioning Omniplex as a major force in the British film industry.

Omniplex: A Tradition of Quality

Omniplex Cinema Group was established in 1991 in Ireland and has since expanded to run 270 screens at 38 theater locations on the island. What distinguishes Omniplex? Let’s investigate:

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology: Modern projection and digital sound equipment are indispensible to Omniplex. You may anticipate an exquisite visual and aural experience as soon as you take a seat on those luxurious chairs.
  2. Diverse Programming: Omniplex provides a wide range of content, extending beyond popular releases. They have something for every taste, from ballet performances to live sporting events and musicals.
  3. Community Engagement: Building relationships is at the heart of Omniplex’s mission, not merely showing movies. Their movie theaters develop become social gathering places for cultural events.

The Amnesty for Toll Evasion

TT2 has declared a four-week amnesty period, which will begin on Monday, 19 February, in order to confront the problem head-on. This is how it operates:

  1. Targeted Group: Drivers who have not paid their bills and have received a county court judgment (CCJ) for unpaid tolls are the only ones who are particularly targeted by the amnesty.
  2. Warning Letter: During the amnesty period, a letter will be sent to these repeat offenders advising them to pay any unpaid tolls within four weeks.
  3. Seizure of Goods: TT2 will petition the court for a writ to seize goods from the debt evaders if the debts are not paid.

CEO’s Position

The CEO of TT2, Adrian Wallace, highlights the significance of accountability and justice. “A minority of customers still use the tunnels without paying, despite the majority of customers having adjusted to the new payment system,” he says. Those who contribute to the public coffers will be unfairly burdened if nonpayment is not enforced. Those who refuse to pay will face severe consequences.”

The Real Money Situation

The Tyne Tunnels are private roads; no maintenance or operational assistance is provided by the central government. The tolls gathered are used for several purposes:

  1. Operation and Maintenance: Paying for the tunnels’ upkeep and operation.
  2. Debt Repayments: Paying back the loans taken out for the creation of the second tunnel.


While the fight against persistent toll dodgers is ongoing, TT2’s last warning makes it quite evident that compliance matters. Evaders have one more opportunity to pay off their debts as the amnesty period gets underway. This effort guarantees a sustainable and equitable system for the vast majority of law-abiding tunnel users. Hopefully, these last cautions will result in a more responsible and equitable use of the Tyne Tunnels going forward.

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