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From Newcastle Airport, International Air Travel Hits Record Highs in 2023

Newcastle Airport is a symbol of resiliency and hope as the globe comes out of the pandemic's shadow. This busy airport saw an incredible increase

Newcastle Airport is a symbol of resiliency and hope as the globe comes out of the pandemic’s shadow. This busy airport saw an incredible increase in passengers in 2023, shattering previous records and changing travel conventions. Let’s examine Newcastle Airport’s incredible history and the elements that led to its phenomenal success.

A Summertime For Healing

Travelers in the Northeast were excited about their summer vacations, and Newcastle Airport did not let them down. Vacation travel to sun-kissed locations such as Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus surged back last summer, hitting an astounding 111% of pre-pandemic levels. This significant event symbolized the airport’s victorious return to routine and the tenacity of our inner restlessness.

Triumphs Across the Atlantic

There has also been a rebirth of long-distance travel. Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Boston saw a spike in summertime travel to the USA, reaching 105% of pre-pandemic levels. About traffic recovery to the USA, Newcastle Airport was the third-strongest performer out of all the airports in the United Kingdom. Travelers were drawn back to the sky by the attraction of American adventures, which sparked their desire to explore continents on foot.

KLM and Emirates: Partners in Development

The daily Emirates flight to Dubai experienced an incredible comeback, with 102% of pre-pandemic levels of passengers. The link to the glittering metropolis of Dubai held firm, across goals and cultures. In the meantime, KLM added a fifth daily frequency to Amsterdam in response to growing demand. With its tulip-lined canals, historic beauty, and global connectedness, the Dutch capital beckoned.

New Prospects: AEGEAN and SunExpress

Newcastle Airport welcomed SunExpress, a joint venture airline operated by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, in March 2023. Travelers visiting Antalya, Turkey—a sun-kissed paradise where historic ruins meet azure waters—now had more options thanks to their arrival. The surprises, however, didn’t stop there. Greece’s premier airline, AEGEAN, started offering direct flights to Athens twice a week in June. The opportunity to visit Istanbul, Tirana, Bucharest, and picturesque Greek islands like Paros, Milos, and Naxos delighted travelers.

Widesnapping Up: TUI and Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus inaugurated a new route to Belfast City Airport, enhancing connections within the region and creating new opportunities for exploration. Concurrently, TUI broadened its range of offerings, including 36 destinations from Newcastle Airport. The advent of Sharm El Sheikh and Cape Verde thrilled sun worshippers hoping for year-round vacations.

Moving Towards Net Zero by 2035

Newcastle Airport achieved noteworthy progress toward its Net Zero 2035 objective, even in terms of passenger counts. Currently, the facility is powered by the first phase of the solar farm, which provides 100% of electricity requirements on bright days. The airport made investments in EVs and put out plans for a state-of-the-art EV charging forecourt. As identified by the GRESB Infrastructure Assessment as a Sustainability Sector Leader, Newcastle Airport is a prime example of environmental stewardship.

CEO Viewpoint

Newcastle International Airport CEO Nick Jones sums up this incredible year this way: “Last year was a fantastic 12 months for the business.” Not only did we observe an increase in passengers once more, but two prominent ‘Best Airport’ awards further validated our dedication to delivering an outstanding passenger experience.”

Final Thought: Reaching Above Limits

The 2023 record-breaking flight from Newcastle Airport defies math. It represents tenacity, wanderlust, and the unbreakable spirit of humanity. Dreams, reunions, and the prospect of fresh starts are carried by travelers as they step onto the tarmac. Newcastle Airport, a symbol of our common passion for the sky, ushers in an era where the possibilities are endless.

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