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Young’s Pubs Acquires Iconic Venue to Increase Presence in East London

Young's Pubs Acquires Iconic Venue to Increase Presence in East London

Young’s & Co.’s Brewery P.L.C. has added a noteworthy item to its portfolio in an effort to honor the long history of British pubs. Young’s strategic growth is bolstered by its acquisition of the Crooked Billet in Clapton, East London, which further demonstrates its dedication to supporting local communities and traditional pub culture. Let’s examine this fascinating development’s specifics.

A Local Favorite: The Crooked Billet

Tucked away on Upper Clapton Road, directly across from Clapton station, The Crooked Billet has been a beloved local landmark for a very long time. In the center of East London, this two-story, 4,500 sq ft wet-led pub is a rare find with a large yard. Attracting locals of all ages, its charm, companionship, and promise of good times have kept them coming in.

Young’s Pub Collection

Now that The Crooked Billet has been added, Young’s is in charge of 231 pubs strong in London. The firm is steadfast in its dedication to maintaining and improving classic British pubs. Some of their faves in East London are:

  1. Princess of Wales (Clapton): A well-liked, historically significant bar.
  2. Royal Oak (Bethnal Green): A quaint location for both locals and tourists.
  3. Owl & Pussycat (Shoreditch): A meeting place for conviviality and inventiveness.
  4. The Crown (Bow): A traditional drinking establishment with a devoted clientele.
  5. The Coborn (Bow): A lively centre for eats, drinks, and social events.

Young & Co.’s Brewery P.L.C. CEO Simon Dodd

Simon Dodd was thrilled about the acquisition of The Crooked Billet, saying, “It’s a well-liked, productive pub with lots of room to grow. Since London has been our home for more than 192 years, it is extremely significant to Young’s, and we are thrilled that a freehold pub of the caliber of the Crooked Billet has joined the Young’s family.”

The Future Prospects

Young intends to work with the current staff of The Crooked Billet to improve its services. Important areas of attention consist of:

  1. Premium Food and Drink: Enhancing the gastronomic encounter while maintaining the genuine essence of the bar.
  2. Reviving Trading Areas: Making sure that areas both indoors and outdoors keep customers happy.
  3. Community Engagement: Celebrating common experiences and reinforcing relationships with neighbors.

Outside of East London

Young has made non-capital acquisitions recently. Among the noteworthy contributions are:

  1. The Huntsman of Brockenhurst: A quaint New Forest tavern.
  2. A historic jewel in Kent is The White Lion in Tenterden.
  3. The lively addition to the South Coast scene is The Libertine in Westbourne.

Moving Forward with Sustainability

Young is dedicated to more than just company expansion. Their efforts to achieve Net Zero 2035 include projects like the airport’s solar farm, which provides electricity when the weather is nice. Young’s wants to leave a lasting legacy by emphasising environmental responsibility.

Final Thought: Salutations to Custom and Development

The Crooked Billet represents continuity and progress as it becomes a member of the Young family. Young’s Pubs continues to raise a glass to community, culture, and the delight of shared experiences from its traditional pubs to its cutting-edge creations. Cheers to the next phase of the pub legacy in East London!.

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