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An accurate and thorough roof inspection can save you thousands of pounds by spotting damage or problems early on. When compared to the cost of roof repairs and the associated fees for dealing with wind and water damage, a roof survey seems insignificant. Knowing what kind of roof survey you need is crucial to getting the most from your roof survey.

Different roof surveys have different specialties and criteria, and each has its own unique set of qualities. The following is a comprehensive guide to Roofing Consultants’ roof surveys, so that you can decide which is the best option for you. If you need roof surveys, you can try

Visual Roof Survey

Unlike the name would suggest, a visual roof survey involves a human inspecting your roof physically. It is possible for a qualified roof surveyor to safely climb up onto your roof and inspect all roof coverings, rainwater gutters, and termination details in an environment free of hazards.

Survey with extended cameras

Extended camera surveys can provide just as thorough an inspection as visual surveys for average height roofs with fragile roof coverings. You avoid the paperwork, scaffolding, and disruption associated with more intrusive inspections by using a long camera mast to photograph problem areas.

Mewp Survey

In situations where commercial roofing systems are located at prohibitively high levels and cannot be accessed safely by ladders or access hatches, mobile elevating platforms may be required to survey them. Inspecting roofs up to 100m high with a MEWP is similar to a visual roof survey, but inspectors can access roofs up to 100m high via a MEWP.

Inspection of roofs using drones

An efficient alternative to a human visual inspection is the Drone Roof Inspection for high or unsafe roofing systems. By using a drone instead of scaffolding, ladders, or paperwork, a human can inspect several roofing areas in the time it would take them to inspect one. In order to determine the condition of your roof, professionals can view the high quality footage.

A drone can scan the roof quickly and locate the source of any problem, which is ideal if the property is older or at a considerable height. In comparison to ladders, scaffolding, and viewing platforms, drone surveys are simple, straightforward, and require little expertise.

Drone footage can also be reviewed from start to finish, so you can be completely comfortable with the footage at all times.

An inspection of the roof will highlight which items are most important?

The roof survey is one of the most important inspections a home buyer should conduct after a full home assessment. It is totally up to you whether you want these two services performed separately or bundled together. Even so, it is wise to do each separately so that the costs are spread out and the individual elements are handled by dedicated professionals. The purpose of this article is to highlight a few of the aspects that are going to be highlighted in a professional roofing survey that we will be conducting soon.

The covering of the roof

In addition to inspecting your roof covering, a roof survey will also determine how old it is. By comparing your roof’s condition with that of similar properties, an expert can predict its longevity. As part of the survey, any possible leaks will also be identified and possible repairs will be highlighted. An inspection of the decking will also be conducted if your property has a flat roof.

Structure of a roof

The next step is to examine the structure of the roof from both the inside and outside. It is here that a professional roof surveyor will determine whether the roof has spread, sagged, and if any condensation is present. All features of a roof survey will be inspected, including ventilation, wall plates, tie bars, and lighting.

Rainwater systems and gutters

In order for your building to remain healthy and safe, its rainwater system is extremely important. During a survey, it will be determined which type of system is currently in place and recommendations for improvements will be given. In addition, any potential issues, damages, cracks, or blockages will be discussed with you. If you do not have this checked out, you could end up with leaking joints and seepage elsewhere. A leak that goes unrepaired for a long time can cause serious structural damage.

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