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Steven Piet: Networth, family and more

Steven Piet and Joey King

Early Life and Background

Meet the extremely talented filmmaker and director Steven Piet. Who has come to make a way in the film industry with his unique storytelling approaches along with phenomenal direction. Steven is originally from Chicago, Illinois, born on May 22, 1991. And developed a strong love for filmmaking at an early age. Therefore, this passion made him come into the industry and managed to make a name for himself.

Age and Birthday

Steven Piet – 2024, Age: 33 Born on May 22, annually celebrated his birthday. It is an astrological sign that often speaks of adaptability, curiosity and communication skills – characteristics that make it perfect for this line of work.

Physical Attributes

Steven Piet Height & Weight Steven Piet is 6 feet tall and weighs approximately gaining into 80 kg. His height and physicality are paired perfectly with his magnetic on-screen presence and off-screen presence.

Career Highlights

Steve Piet has created enough head-turners with his charm. His work on the television series Channel Zero put him and his propensity to form captivating chilling plotscapes. Such as those present in The Quiet Boy, names of note to anyone fluent within the genre. The film “Uncle John” was written and produced by a different group of independent filmmakers. But Scofield made the movie his directorial debut when he took it over in 2013 as part of an agreement with producers to completely rethink the direction they were going.

Net Worth

Steven Piet Net Worth As of 2024, the approximate amount of Steven Piet’s net worth is $1.5 million. This fortune comes from his career in the film and television industry. Where he worked as a director, producer and writer. The number of successful projects in his emerging portfolio indicates that he is not far from boosting revenues over the years.

Personal Life

We know for a fact that Steven Piet is not the kind of person who would be opening up about himself in public. It was, however his relationship with actress Joey King that caught the media eye. The couple has not been afraid to showcase their love on social media, giving fans a glimpse of life together

Social Media Presence

Steven Piet is present on Instagram where he gives updates about his work and personal life. @stevenpiet takes viewers on a journey through his creative process, providing behind-the-scenes moments and glimpses into his adventures. The number of followers on Steven’s Instagram is constantly increasing, which reflects his growing audience.

Online Presence

Steven Piet may not yet be on Wikipedia, but the trend of how his presence in the film industry is rising suggests its minimising. In the meantime, his information from his life and career is available on numerous web sources such as film-centric websites. That contains extensive data or even more than news articles wikis.


The life that Steven Piet has led in the entertainment world is one of a kind. He has always pushed the envelope of storytelling, from his early days in Chicago to becoming a respected filmmaker. It is this fresh perspective of storytelling and gripping narratives that makes him one the most talented budding youth in Hollywood.

Fans will be watching closely as Steven Piet progresses in his filmmaking career. Steven is sure to bring much more of his creativity and love for the art form into the world, film and television.

In this article, you can read the overview of Steven Piet’s bio with Career & some personal details. To get more updates about this upcoming actor, follow him on social media and keep an eye in the world of entertainment.

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