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What is Aliza Jane aka Ayyyejae’s background? On Instagram, you can find Throat Goat

Who is Aliza Jane Aka Ayyyejae? She is an American Internet Personality and Instagram model. Get to know about throat goat on Instagram. 

Aliza Jane came to the attention of people when she shared in an interview that she took care of several members of an NBA team.

Who Is Aliza Jane Aka Ayyyejae?

Aliza Jane AKA Ayyyejae is a beautiful model and internet personality. 

She was born on May 26, 1997.

Currently, her age is 24 years old. 

Moreover, Jane’s name is not found on Wiki, even though she is popular on Instagram. 

It is not a secret that she provides physical fulfillment to athletes, especially NBA players. 

However, Ayyyejae, a rising star on Instagram, might be the real Glizzy Gladiator after saying she took care of several members of an NBA team earlier this year.

Forget Book and CP3, Ayyyejae the real MVP of the Suns.
Suns have gone 67-23 since that interview ???

— DS ? (@SportsTalk_D_S) June 14, 2021

Ayyyejae was a guest on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast alongside the loose-lipped Celina Powell and most certainly covered a gamut of enthralling topics.

Meet Throat Goat On Instagram

Yes, Aliza is on Instagram with two accounts. 

Presently, only one of her IG handle is active under the username @ayyyejae1. 

Through that account, she has over 6k followers. 

She doesn’t have an account on Twitter, but her name can be seen all over the Twitter page if you type her name. 

What Is Aliza Jane Aka Ayyyejae Age?

Aliza Jane’s age is not revealed. 

Looking at her physical appearance, she seems to fall in the age range of 24-30. 

Get To Know Her Boyfriend

Aliza has not disclosed information regarding her boyfriend. 

For now, we don’t know if she is committed to a serious relationship. 

Details On The Suns Video: Exposed

The Instagram model went super-viral after she told a story of hooking up with 7 members of a certain basketball team during her birthday on Memorial Day weekend.

She is also known as The Greek Freak and explained how she sucked off 7 NBA players in one sitting after they walked in on her shagging someone else in a hotel room.


— TPS (@TotalProSports) August 18, 2020

The young lady is now claiming that she will be releasing that infamous footage for all to see on her Onlyfans.

According to ayyyejae’s detailing of events, she was already servicing one guy when the Phoenix Suns basketball team walked in wanting to be done the same.

AJ claimed Devin Booker was first in line and everybody else came afterward.

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