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Ten reasons why penguins are the cutest animals on the planet

We already knew penguins were flipping wonderful, but these 10 facts cement their place as nature’s most adorable waddlers. This is why penguins are the coolest birds around

Little blue penguin
Little blue penguin

The smallest penguin species is the Little Blue penguin which stands at just 16 inches tall

penguin fossils

The earliest penguin fossils place them some 60 million years ago. This means a tougher ancestor of today’s cuddly birds survived the extinction of the dinosaurs.

penguin couple

Though it varies by species, most penguins mate for life, returning to the same partner season after season.

fat penguin

In certain penguin species, it is the male who incubates the egg while the females disappear to hunt, sometimes for weeks at a time. For this reason, chubby males are the most desirable because they can best survive her absence.

penguin jump

While swimming, penguins leap in shallow arcs above the surface of the water—a technique dubbed porpoising. Some scientists theorise that they make these leaps out of sheer joy.

penguin waddle

Penguins are not sexually dimorphic, meaning the male and female look alike.

penguin belly

When penguins slide on their bellies it is called tobogganing. Researchers believe they do this both for fun and as an efficient way to travel.

penguins pebbles

Different penguins have different ways of attracting sexual partners. Gentoo penguins carefully select a pebble as a gift whereas King Penguins sing long songs with their mates.

prehistoric penguins

Prehistoric penguins were very large, growing to almost the same height and weight as humans.

penguin waddle

A group of penguins in the sea is called a raft, a group on land is called a waddle. 

Bonus! We dare you not to smile at these adorable penguin bloopers:

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