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Tesco now carries the PerfectTed matcha drink

Marisa Poster, Teddie Levenfiche, and Levi Levenfiche are entrepreneurs, housemates, and best friends who run PerfectTed ( They collaborated to develop the first matcha green tea-powered canned energy drink in Europe, which will be available at Tesco beginning February 27 in single cans (as part of the Meal Deal) and March 13 in new four-can multipacks.

After meeting at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Marisa, Teddie, and Levi all went on to careers in finance, where the long hours and high stress required them to develop a dependency on caffeine and other stimulants. For Marisa, who deals with ADHD and anxiety, the highs were followed by jitters, worry, and crushing lows. Matcha, a powdered green tea, was a superfood that they resorted to since it provided more sustained energy and lessened stress than their usual pick-me-ups. They were completely consumed by it. Teddie, Levi, and Marisa developed the most practical method of consuming matcha so that other people might experience the same benefits they had.

Their company was named after Teddie, who was known as “Perfect Ted” because he was the Head Boy at his London high school, a standout football player at the University of Pennsylvania, and on track for a professional career before he turned down a place at Harvard Law to pursue his start-up dream.

Using simple, 100% natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives, or added sugar, PerfectTed aims to revolutionize the energy business with their delectable drinks. PerfectTed gets its energy from organic, ceremonial grade matcha, an antioxidant-rich, Japanese matcha green tea that contains 80mg caffeine (about the same as a Red Bull or a small cup of coffee) and provides a more sustained and consistent boost than either.

Matcha’s l-theanine regulates the absorption of caffeine into the body, helping to avoid the jitters and post-caffeine crash, and green tea’s caffeine lasts for four to six hours, compared to one to two hours for coffee or other energy drinks. Matcha also stimulates the production of serotonin, dopamine, and alpha brain waves, making you feel calmer and less anxious. Matcha has one of the greatest antioxidant concentrations of any plant food (50 times that of spinach), and the combination of l-theanine and caffeine has been shown in studies to enhance concentration.

Marisa Poster elaborates, “We’re happy to join with the UK’s biggest grocer to grow the natural energy category and make healthy matcha green tea energy more available to consumers countrywide.

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