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The disgraced actor’s ex-fiancee has revealed the shocking daily total of calls the couple receives from Stephen Bear’s jail cell

SHAMED Jessica Smith, the girlfriend of incarcerated criminal Stephen Bear, has said that Bear calls her multiple times daily.

Stephen, who is currently serving time for illegally recording and profiting from a sex tape he produced of ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison, had an OnlyFans employee submit a screenshot of all of his calls while he was behind bars.At least 113 minutes worth of calls were made in a single day, as depicted in the graphic.

Jessica wrote in the post’s description, “Wish we could talk for longer.”

Recently, Jessica stated that she “hates her life” because of the failure of her present to the jailed celebrity.

Jessica was busy preparing a package of clothes for him to find in jail, which she planned to subtly scent with her perfume.The bottle, however, fell to the floor and shattered into bits, leaving her distraught.

She posted a video of glass shards littering her marble-floored hallway with the caption, “Hate my life,” followed by several crying-face emojis.

Jessica is sticking by her man and posting Instagram updates about her life apart from him.

She “hates” her life since she’s been ignoring Bear’s calls, she said on camera a month ago.To set the tone, Jessica said, “I’m really upset with myself right now. I’m always afraid of missing a call from Stephen, so I keep my phone on me pretty much constantly.

She was fuming because she’d forgotten to turn off the ringer while her phone was charging. I hate myself so much because I never think to do that!

Jessica, when incarcerated, disclosed that Bear composes her prison-inspired love songs.

In an Instagram post, she revealed that he had “written her” a song.

Stephen has written a song especially for me, guys. The symmetry is wonderful. “He sang it to me on the phone,” she proudly announced to her adoring public.

As in, “I can’t wait for you to hear it when he gets out.”

Jessica elaborated that during one contact from HMP Chelmsford, Stephen sang a love song to her over the phone.

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