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After a major format change, Love Island viewers have one criticism in common

Fans of LOVE Island have a common gripe after learning of a major change to the show’s format.

Tomorrow night’s episode of the ITV2 dating show will feature the iconic Meet The Parents episode.
This portion of the show’s format, however, is typically saved until the final few days.

The final episode of Love Island for the season will air on July 31.

This means that this season’s Meet the Parents episode will air significantly sooner than usual.

Many viewers complained about the format shift on social media platform Twitter. A fan said, “Love Island!” There must be at least ten persons in that villa, isn’t that rather early to have parents or family?

The other tweet read: “I honestly can’t believe they have arranged the parents meeting a bit early.”

This one said, “Is it not a bit too early for meet the family if the final isn’t until July 31st?” That happened only last week, didn’t it?

It’s weird that the parents are here so early,” the angry fan said. During the last week, there are typically only five remaining couples.A preview of tonight’s edition of Love Island was shown at the end of last night’s broadcast.

Molly and Zach’s initial reactions to the arrival of Zach’s sister Snoochie Shy and her parents are priceless.

In 2021, radio personality Snoochie made headlines after appearing on I’m a Celebrity.

Fans can finally witness the long-awaited reunion of the siblings in the storied villa.

Fans will also get to see Molly’s dad make a beeline for Zach in the Meet The Parents episode.

As soon as they enter the villa, her father pulls Zach aside for a conversation.

A basketball player, “Can we just have a quick chat?” he says.

So, Zach says, “Of course we can.”

“Shall we go over there or something?” asks Molly’s dad.

Since Zach kissed his ex-girlfriend Kady McDermott in a game of Snog, Marry, Pie earlier this week, things have been tense between Zach and Molly.

When the actress confronted Zach about their dispute, he burst out laughing, at which point the actress rushed out of the room.

Since her miraculous comeback, Zach and Molly’s relationship has only gotten stronger.When Kady chose to pair up with her man Zach, Molly was immediately eliminated from the Love Island villa.

This gave the hottie an opportunity to spend time getting to know Kady.Zach realized he wanted to be with Molly after her unexpected homecoming with the Casa Amor girls.

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