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Things To Do In Pitlochry, Scotland

#1 The Queens View

The Queens is a wonderful place to view the Scottish countryside – starting from the River Tummel and Tay Forest to the stunning peak of Schiehallion. This area is supposed to be named after Queen Victoria because she visited the area. But Scottish historians say that the area was actually named after Queen Isabella (wife of Robert the Bruce). No matter which story is correct, the Queens is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Pitlochry. You can capture the beauty of this town in photographs and indulge in traditional Scottish fayre – from the visitor center just next to the car park.

#2 Pitlochry Dam & Salmon Ladder

The hydroelectric dam at Pitlochry may not be that enticing at first. But if you decide to take a walk across the bridge, you will hear and see thousands of gallons of water running beneath it, which is something very special for most people. You will also find the ingenious “Salmon Ladder” here. It’s specially built to keep the salmon moving upstream from the Atlantic to the River Tummel. This happens during their spawning season from April to October.

The flow that starts at the bottom of this fish ladder helps attract the salmon into the first pool. From there, the salmon will rise through several connecting pools until they reach the height of the dam. Every year, over 5,000 salmon travel to the River Tummel in this manner.  

#3 Dam Visitor Center

The visitor center at the Pitlochry Dam provides the visitor with an insight into the dam, green power & energy projects in Scotland, the lifecycle of the salmon, as well as local habitats & wildlife. You get free entry and a state-of-the-art cafe at the visitor center.

#4 Festival Theater

The Festival Theater a.k.a. Scotland’s Theatre in the Hills offers the visitor a chance to see creative work and theater plays during his/her stay in Pitlochry. It also provides an award-winning restaurant & views of the River Tummel. In fact, it’s the perfect place to spend the evening for anyone who loves creative arts.

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#5 Explorers Garden

This unique attraction is located just next to the Festival Theater. It has been built to honor some of the most famous plant hunters in Scotland. The garden is divided into different areas such as gardens from New Zealand and Australia, Japan, and North America. It also has beautiful vistas, streams, and bridges.

#6 Faskally Forest & Loch 

This attraction entails a 1.2km walk following the shore of the loch. You will pass a picturesque boathouse & an unusual wooden footbridge along the way. Remember to wear decent footwear since the trail can be wet at times. The Faskally Forest is located just off the B8019 – approximately one mile northwest of Pitlochry.

One of the most attractive things to do in Pitlochry during the winter is to explore the Enchanted Forest by using the Faskally Forest as a natural backdrop. In fact, you will also experience incredible visuals, music, and light in the process – an evening out for the entire family.

#7 Eradour Distillery

The Eradour Distillery dates back to 1825 and is one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries. Join a tasting tour at this distillery to enjoy a couple of hours in Pitlochry. The distillery is just a few minutes drive from the town center.

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