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Tips For Keeping A Car Clean With Kids

Maintaining a clean car can be unnecessarily difficult. This is only more true when you have children. No matter the age, kids can make keeping a car clean a seemingly impossible task. Kids usually toss their used candy wrappers and kick their shoes all over the seats. These things are inevitable. It’s very likely you clean your car one day and have it looking like a disaster within the same week. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are things you can do to keep your car cleaner even with children. Here are some of the best tips to do exactly that. 

Top Tips To Keep Your Car Clean: 

1. Get Seat Covers

One of the most important things you need to do to keep your car cleaner is to invest in seat covers. Getting seat covers is an easy way to protect your seat and keep crumbs from getting in between cushions. This is not only going to increase the lifespan of your car’s seats, but it can also help you clean things easier since they can be removed and washed. If needed, you could always temporarily use a cloth sheet to cover them. This won’t look nearly as elegant, but it can get the job done and make it easier for you to keep your car clean.

2. Get a Trash Container

A plastic bag hanging on the back of your passenger seat can be a good way to store trash. However, it’s not always enough. If not, you can get more creative. You don’t even need to necessarily get something designed for trash. You can find a lot of bags, containers, and more that can be used as trash containers for your car. Instruct your children to throw the trash in these containers when they are done with something. Try to give them rewards for doing so.

3. Get Rid Of Odor

You will find that a car can end up trapping a lot of odors very easily. A simple and seemingly innocent spill can trap odor in fabric for a long time. This is why you want to ensure that you get rid of these things as soon as the accident happens. Let’s face it, an accident will happen, it’s only a matter of when. Because of this, you want to keep baking soda in your car. Having a box of baking soda on hand can make it easy to address a spill as it happens. There are no worries about the baking soda spilling because it’s not going to harm anything and it’s very simple to vacuum up. It is great to use on these Fiat 500 car mats.

4. Keep The Surfaces Clean

Children get into seemingly everything. Needless to say, surfaces around them can get very dirty. They are constantly touching things they shuldn’t be. You may have stains on your leather seats from greasy hands or spillage. Regardless of the reason, you can keep the surfaces clean by wiping them down with baby wipes occasionally. Baby wipes are gentle enough to be used on various surfaces. They are also relatively easy to keep in your glovebox because you can find them in different sizes. Keep baby wipes in your vehicle for when you need them. You can use sanitizer wipes for areas of your car that can handle them. Check the wipes to see if they can be applied to whatever material you are looking to use them on.

5. Cup Holder Cleaner

A cup holder can be one of the most difficult areas to not only keep clean but also to clean. A good way to clean your cup holder is by taking a sock and soaking it in detergent-filled water. You can then stuff it into a cupholder and start to swirl it around. This can help to pick up all of the loose debris and it can even get rid of stains from beverage spills.

6. Vacuum Your Car

This is likely one of the more effective ways to keep your car clean. However, it’s also one that might be the most hassle. A good way to ensure that you keep your car clean is by keeping a handheld vacuum fully charged in your car. This can help you suck up any loose debris daily. If not, you can always dedicate a specific day or time to vacuuming your car with a powerful vacuum. It only takes a couple of minutes and it can make a big difference in how your car looks. 

7. Use An Organizer

You should try to add an organizer to your car. This can be a good way to keep everything where it’s supposed to be. Kids will tend to throw stuff wherever they want if they don’t have an obvious place to put it. Having an organizer is still not going to keep them from doing it, but it will give you a place to store it once they are done with it.

8. Use a DIY Stain Remover

This is especially true if you have seats that are made out of cloth. If so, you will want to try to avoid stains as much as possible. Keeping a Tide Stick in your vehicle can help you minimize staining. However, if you want a DIY alternative, you can mix some dish soap, club soda, and vinegar. This will help you get rid of any stain that comes your way without using harsh chemicals. Keep a bottle of it in your car and spray it whenever you need it.

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